Friday Inspiration : April 4, 2014

sunlight farm silo landscape

Every week as I drive the back country roads to work, my mind looks for inspiring ideas and images that can be captured in a photograph.  I often find images of farms and beautiful landscapes, but that’s not only where my mind wanders.  This 15 minutes in the car is my alone time from dropping my youngest off at school until I have to be in the mindset of working my day job; and that’s when I get a lot of thinking done!

I try to plan what events we have going on that weekend, and what I’d like to make where time allows.  Whether it be paper crafts, sewing, or trying something completely new : I’m planning it all out in my head so I can feel I’ve accomplished something of my own over the weekend.

What’s your #FridayInspiration?  What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Here’s what I’m thinking about making over the weekend from items I’ve seen on Pinterest or around the Blogoshpere:

  • Personalized Water Bottles (using Silhouette Cameo & Vinyl)
  • Chevron Maxi Skirt (for ME!) using my Girl Charlee Fabric and a mixture of tutorials found on Pinterest, pieced together. (Let’s hope this works! I’m new to sewing and this is the first thing I’m attempting to make for me, and I have to change my sewing needle…. yes, this is a big deal!)

NEW Handmade Shop Simple & Trendy on Etsy!

Today I have some pretty awesome news!  I have been crafting up a storm in my little studio dining room so far in 2014!  I am teaching myself how to sew and making a variety of awesome things I’ve found on Pinterest for my little one’s class and Holidays!  While teaching myself how to sew, I’ve accumulated quite a bit of fabric scraps.

With the piles of craft supplies accumulating and my perfect Craft Barn (Studio / Shed) yet to be built, delivered or installed…. (see my Pinterest board!) I needed to think of something creative to do with my extras!  Therefore the first item of the Simple and Trendy Handmade Shop was created!    Introducing our Fabric Button Stud Earrings!  


There is quite a range of uniqueness and something out there for everyone!  From our cream lace overlay, polka dot and funky pattern – Carnival Confetti.  Please stop by and check out our affordable handmade shop and let me know if there’s a custom order you’d like to see made for a friend, your mom or your entire wedding party!

Shop Etsy : Simple and Trendy Handmade Shop

fabric earring stud post


Keep checking back into the shop as, eventually,  the plan is to add more goodies as they are finished and have passed quality inspections for sale!