Want to Sell Your Caravan? Here’s How

We provide top strategies for selling your caravan, including where to put ads to maximize the impact and who to contact and where you can be able to get the best price for you caravan’s sale.

So, How Do I Sell My Caravan?

If you’re considering selling your camper There are some important things to keep in your mind. Where do you plan to advertise the caravan? Who will you sell it to? What’s the best method to stay away from being fraudulent? What can you do to ensure that you are getting the best price?

Is There a Perfect Time to Sell My Caravan?

The caravan owners seem to have the greatest success selling their caravans towards the beginning season, which is right into the spring. This is due to warmer temperatures and longer days bring that feeling of holiday and people begin to think about their travel plans and holiday plans.

But, it’s not only spring. There are other times throughout the year that you can find a lower cost for your caravan. This is contingent on inventory levels as well as new models being released by the manufacturer, and demand for particular designs, shapes, or models. The best way to start is to take your caravan on the market and see what response you receive.

Deciding on a Price to Sell Your Caravan

The cost you pay for selling your caravan could have a major impact in the long run, particularly if it’s very old, so having an accurate (but real) notion of the amount it might fetch is crucial.

Look up local markets, websites, online ads and caravan dealers to find your brand and model of caravan. Local ads in your region like newspapers could contain similar ads to yours and give you a better local idea of prices.

Be sure to take into consideration the age, specifications, and any damaged to ensure you get an accurate picture of what you’ll receive.

It’s all about getting an understanding of the second-hand market is offering you or something that is very similar.

Where to Sell Your Caravan

There are many alternatives these days for selling your caravan. From auction websites to traditional dealers, and everything in between. Finding all of these is an exhausting task, so we’ve listed some of the best places to post an advertisement and others you may not have thought of.

  • Online auction websites. The most popular is eBay. Be sure to decide on a reserve amount you’re comfortable with and also consider any fees for payment! This could be quite costly in the event of all charges.
  • Platforms for online advertising. It can be a good thing However, caravans generally aren’t as much of a focal point than cars, and they have very little time for advertising.
  • Contact a reputable dealer. Please take a look at our directory of caravan dealers to find dealers we’ve identified to determine the prices they could provide you with.
  • Find an online caravan value. Certain websites will provide you with an online appraisal, however they (generally) generally are far below what you would expect. It could be helpful in situations where you have to sell quickly in cash, but other options are more suitable initially.
  • Specialist magazines. Certain magazines for leisure and caravans permit you to insert ads, but they generally are not suitable for high-end or niche caravan models.
  • We buy any caravan-type websites. They are useful for those who are desperate and need an immediate sale, however generally, these kinds of websites will offer the most affordable price they can.
  • Caravan Sell My Caravan. We provide a free valuation and trade and private options to sell your caravan while making sure you are the seller in charge. Find offers from the trade and market your vehicle through Cravenly directly.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed When Selling My Caravan?

If you are selling on the internet or in person, it is important to ensure that you’re able to sell your caravan in the most secure way as is possible. These are some of our best suggestions to keep fraudsters away.

Arranging a Viewing

If a buyer is authentic they’ll need to inspect the caravan before making any kind of payment. Viewings should be arranged at your residence or the place in the place where your caravan kept in the storage site. You should not however take them to a different location or at a place at their discretion.

Before you go to the screening, make sure you have their contact information including a phone number and address to provide assurance. If they appear to be hesitant about this, take it as a sign of caution. An honest buyer shouldn’t have difficulties providing these details.

Paperwork Security

The buyer is likely to need to view the documents. Make sure that the documentation (such like the V5C car logbook or registration document) is available for potential buyers. However, do not permit them to capture a photograph or take a photograph of these documents.

Keep Your Eye on the Caravan the Whole Time

Don’t let the buyer be alone with the vehicle even if they appear to be genuinely interested in purchasing it. There is a chance that they have ulterior motives as well as the chance of vandalism, and accidental damages.

Be sure to accompany your buyer during any test drive (if appropriate) and make sure they are licensed and that they are insured. In the event of a crash, you could be liable for the costs for any damages.

Ensure Payment is Cleared

Check that you have the entire amount in your bank account, and that it is cleared. Some payment methods are instant, while other methods may require a few days to get cleared. After you’ve verified that the funds have cleared should you give all documents and keys. If you’re not sure about the clearance timings, you should check the bank.

The majority of people who buy used caravans (either private or trade) are honest and reliable. It is usually evident from their behavior and what they tell you, however, always go with your intuition and if the price seems too appealing to be true – it is!

Use Carava to Get the Best Price

In our dedication to christchurch caravanners, we thought that there was a need to negotiate a higher value for your caravan whether you’re selling it to a trader or privately. This is why we’ve developed an appraisal tool, a marketing system, and dealer network to provide you with the best chances (for the least effort) of getting the highest price for selling your caravan. Fore more info – https://leisureshed.co.nz/


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