How to Use a Stump Grinder: 5 Useful Tips

Tree stumps can be an eyesore, but they are also dangerous for people who live on your property. It is important to remove the stumps completely. Qualified arborists in Auckland recommend using a stump grinder as an effective way to remove the tree. We are a leading provider in tree care and have created this guide to stump grinding.

Prepare Before Using a Tree Stump Grinder

When grinding a stump, keep the following things in mind:

  • Wear safety equipment, such as gloves, goggles and earplugs.
  • Please read and understand all instructions.
  • Use the machine with caution and be aware.
  • Watch out for people in the area.
  • Unplug your equipment whenever it is not in use.
  • Make sure there are no stones in the area, as these can damage the stump grinding machine.
  • To make grinding easier, cut the stump to the ground.

How to Grind a Stump in 5 Simple Steps

Prepare your Work Area
  • It is important to clear the area around the stump of any debris and rocks before using the machine. With a chainsaw, cut the stump to as near the ground as you can. Block the area so that pets and people are kept away.
Position the Stump Grinder
  • Place the stump grinder at the correct position after preparing the site. Make sure you are comfortable with the angle. You may need to adjust the angle and height multiple times while grinding the stump. Avoid moving the handle while the machine is running. If and when needed, use the locks on your wheel.
Grind a part of the Stump
  • Repositioning the grinder will increase its efficiency. You should change the angle each time you lower the stump by 80-100 milli meters. You can get the job done faster.
Repositioning the Machine
  • After the stump has been reduced to the ground level, move the equipment toward the center of trunk and lock the wheels. Set the handle to a suitable height and then grind until you have a clear space.
Cover the Area With Soil
  • Stop the engine and turn off the stump grinder completely. Fill in the hole with wood chips and fresh soil to prevent any dangers. You can also plant grass seed, or any other type of seeds. Rake the layers to encourage them to grow.

How to dispose of wood chips left over after stump grinding

After removing the stump, you can fill in the hole with some wood chips. They can also be used as compost. Ask your neighbors or local nurseries for a use.

Experts in stump grinding and removal

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