8 budget-friendly pasta dishes that aren’t spaghetti bolognese

There are no fancy ingredients, and there is no complicated process. Just quick and easy pasta dishes made with things you may already have in your pantry.


Penne all arrabbiata

This recipe from Italy is the perfect way to use canned tomatoes.

15-minute corn Alfredo

This corn Alfredo is a super-easy way to use up frozen corn.

Orecchiette with walnut pesto and pea pesto

This easy pesto recipe is a great way to repurpose frozen peas.

Tomato vodka rigatoni

This pasta sauce is a great way to use up pantry staples.

Cheese scraps pasta bake

You can now use those cheese remnants that you find at the back of your fridge. This pasta bake makes great use of them.

This spaghetti recipe is a great twist.

Spaghetti Arabiata with Lemon and Thyme Pangrattato

This dish is elevated to another level when the crunchy breadcrumbs are coated on the pasta strands.

Cauliflower cheese pasta bake

Is there anything more comforting than an oozy, golden pasta bake with cheese? We don’t believe it.

Silvia Colloca’s mushroom and silverbeet spaghetti bake

If you are organized, you can prepare this dish in advance and then reheat it.

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