Best impossible pies, quiches and slices | Taste recipes

These ironically named (because it’s actually EASY!) pies, muffins, and quiches are a hit in Australia right now.

Here are some recipes for not-so-impossible baked treats. From our original quiche with cheese and spinach to a passionfruit-flavored dessert, these recipes will make you smile.


Impossible sweet corn, bacon, and zucchini slice

Enjoy the delicious flavors of zucchini with a sprinkling of sweet corn and crisp, salty bacon. This easy recipe is great for both dinner and lunch.

Impossible quiche

This ham and cheese pie is incredibly easy to make. The best thing about impossible quiche? It doesn’t require a puff pastry base.

Pie maker impossible quiches

The classic ham-and-cheese impossible quiche is cooked in a Kmart Pie Maker. It’s perfect for school lunches or after-school snacks.

Impossible zucchini and salami quiche

Add a spicy kick to your quiche by adding juicy tomatoes and salami.

Spinach impossible pie

This spinach pie is rich, satisfying, and budget-friendly.

Aussie impossible quiche

Vegemite is the secret ingredient that gives this quiche an Australian twist.

Mexican impossible Muffins

The perfect pick-me-up for 3 pm is a fluffy muffin jam-packed with Mexican flavors.

Impossible quiche Members love this quiche. Try it tonight to find out why.


Butterscotch impossible pie

The filling is slightly wobbly and resembles baked custard. Butter and brown sugar give it a butterscotch flavor. It only takes 5 minutes for preparation.

The Ultimate Chocolate Insanity Pie

This incredibly indulgent chocolate dessert is hard to resist.

Baby Lemon Impossible Pies

Make a simple dessert with a can of condensed milk, some pantry staples, and a few other ingredients. These pies have a gooey center and a golden top. Everyone gets one (or two), as they are small.

Apple and Custard Impossible Pie

This pie is the easiest autumn dessert you can make. Pour the remaining ingredients over the apples and whisk them together.

Passionfruit impossible pie

You’ll have to forgive anyone who asks where you purchased this passionfruit impossible pie. It is easy and delicious.

The Lemon Curd Impossible Pie

You can make lemon curd using the microwave. This delicious dessert is a great way to test out the technique.

Coconut and Lime Impossible Pie

The name Impossible Pie comes from its simplicity – it is almost impossible not to succeed. It cooks as if by magic, forming its crust with a delicious pudding-like top.

Pineapple impossible pies

This is a great way to use up some condensed pineapple and milk (plus other pantry staples). Mix everything, pour it into a muffin tin, and bake.

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