5 Reasons To Hire Commercial Builders

You may wonder what type of builder to hire if you are a businessperson looking to invest in a new office or a landowner who wants to add some retail space.

It is important to hire a specialized firm for commercial construction rather than the first contractor who returns your call.

Here are a few benefits of hiring a commercial builder over a traditional home builder:

1. Specialized knowledge

Experience is the most important factor in any large project. In most US states, residential builders can do some commercial work within a limited scope. However, commercial construction firms will have completed many similar projects.

A commercial builder can offer advice on the best way to use your space, from regional zoning regulations to the placement of electrical outlets.

A firm that specializes in commercial construction, such asĀ Multi-Functional Construction, will have a network of specialists who are able to provide advice on any problems that may arise during the course of a project. You can be sure that you will receive the highest quality of service if any issues arise.

You should thoroughly research any builder you are considering hiring. Take your time to find a more reliable builder with a stellar reputation.

2. Project managers who are dedicated to their work

It’s natural to feel anxious and to want to stay informed when you are working on a big project, such as building a commercial property. It is more common for commercial builders to have project managers than the average home builder, which can provide a great deal of relief to anxious customers. From the initial concept through to the final delivery of the keys, your personal project manager is the only person you will need to contact. They can answer all questions along the way.

You can stay informed about the progress of the build by meeting with your project manager regularly. They can also address any concerns you may have, eliminating the need to call customer service.

3. Manage budget expectations

Budget creep is one of the most frustrating problems that can arise during major construction projects. It is not uncommon to receive a quote upfront for a completed project, only to find out that delays or other issues have increased the cost. The average cost of construction in the US rose by 4.94% from 2019 to 2020. Unexpected building costs are more damaging than ever for customers on a budget.

A commercial builder can apply their experience and knowledge to the preparation of your build to make sure that you receive a realistic quote. A commercial builder will be able to advise you of any extra costs by completing pre-build inspections and thoroughly reviewing floor plans.

A builder with experience can advise you if a problem is apparent and suggest alternative actions that could save you money.

4. Comprehensive skill sets

Commercial builders have a wealth of experience in building commercial properties. They are therefore equipped with all the skills necessary to build any type of property.

A commercial builder who is reputable will be able to carry out any common activities required throughout the construction. Your builders can rely on their network of professionals to provide any equipment or skills they don’t possess. The seamless integration of professionals allows your builders to complete the project without having to find a third party contractor.

5. Contract protection

A contract that is well written will clearly define the responsibilities of a commercial contractor, and any compensation due to you if they breach it. Commercial builders will not have any problem drafting a contract that will confirm all the information you need, such as the expected schedule, cost, and how unexpected changes in the scope of your build will be handled. (4)

A clear contract will protect you from predatory construction practices and show that your builder cares about your experience during the entire build.

You should carefully read any legal agreement you sign. Take your time and even have an attorney review it if you prefer.

Final Thoughts

Commercial and residential builders might appear to offer the same service. The skill sets needed to build homes or businesses, and the level of service you receive, can differ greatly.

It’s crucial to review the feedback of their customers before selecting a contractor for any job.

Consider hiring commercial builders in Auckland to complete your project. They are experienced and have a wealth knowledge. You’re likely to be pleased.


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