A clear and comprehensive agreement to your contractor’s general contract is among the most important elements to a positive home remodel or renovation. It could make the difference between a job that you will be happy with for a long time or turning into a costly headache. A contract safeguards you, your budget and your property, so be sure you consider these when you’re negotiating your agreement:


Be sure that the General Contractor in Putnam Valley, NY hire has the appropriate license to meet the city’s requirements, as well as any license required for specific work, like plumbing or electrical. Make sure that your contract contains license numbers and other information.


Although the contractor’s insurance proof might not be included in the contract however, you may request that the insurance information is included within the agreement. Determine the appropriate quantity of insurance in your region and ensure that any contractor you select is covered by that insurance.


Haphazard schedules are among the most frequent causes of issues on remodeling your home. Even though delays due to weather or availability of materials might not be avoided, and even minor delays are nearly likely to happen but you must include the schedule details in the contract. Important dates to include are the date of completion and other important milestones in the process.

The scope of the work

In defining the scope of tasks to be completed will allow you to remain in control of the timing and cost. Based on the project is about, the details of your project may be a brief or lengthy list. The task of an addition to a room that involves several subcontractors will be more extensive than the work scope required for a simpler project, like having floors installed. Whatever the project, ensure that all documents are in place prior to the start of your project. Specifications could include specifications for materials such as different types of finishes and colors and expectations regarding cleaning and maintenance and definitions of who is accountable for different permits and authorizations, and many more.


The existence of a payment plan written down means that both you and your contractor are in agreement on when payments will be made, which will eliminate problems with billing. It is recommended to tie payments to deadlines, percentages of completion, or the delivery of items like carpeting or new windows. No matter what you decide about the timeframe for payment, it is not to be paid in full to complete a project.


The majority of reputable contractors in every trade offer a guarantee on work completed. Before you sign a contract be sure that the warranty offered by your contractor clarifies the terms of what is and isn’t covered, as well as the duration of time it will take for different coverages.

Enjoy peace of mind by partnering with a licensed contractor

Verifying the credentials of several contractors will take so long that a lot of homeowners bypass the entire process and choose the first company they come across. However, this leaves you exposed to unscrupulous contractors or poor craftsmanship. we’ve done all the vetting required to give you security. Each contractor on Our network had their background, license, insurance and credentials checked, ensuring that you’ll work with a professional that you can be confident in. If you’d like a complimentary estimation, without obligation, for your home renovation project just enter your zip number above and a licensed contractor will get in touch in the near future.

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