Chocolate ‘soup’ cake: secret ingredient to avoid baking a dry cake

The chocolate cake is loved by people all over the world. Chocolate cake is the only one you can turn to when all other flavors seem too difficult or indulgent.

You’d be hard-pressed to find an Australian who didn’t steal a slice of cake from grandma for afternoon tea or grew up with chocolate cake at almost every birthday party.

One thing can make us not enjoy this sweet treat, however: a texture that is too dry.

How can I avoid a dry cake?

There’s nothing that can make your face sour faster than biting into chocolate cake and having it immediately crumble apart. It will also stick to the roof of the mouth. Gah!

We couldn’t wait until we found a new ingredient that could help prevent such a baking disaster.

Tomato Soup: The Secret to a Moist Chocolate Cake

Tomato soup? Really? You heard that right. This pantry staple will add so much moisture to your cake. It doesn’t have any aftertaste or tomato taste.

This recipe uses sour cream, which can be used to reduce the sweetness of chocolate cake slightly but is commonly used to add moisture.

Your cake will remain sweet if you add a can of tomato soup.

The tomato soup made with roasted tomatoes is sweeter than the raw tomatoes because of the sugars that are developed during roasting.

Who knew that tomatoes were so scientific?!

When should I add the soup to the mixture?

This chocolate “soup” cake has been tried and tested and is the best recipe out there. You mix the soup, sour cream, and all the other dry ingredients.

The flour lumps in the batter will be dispersed.

The tomato soup moistens the dry ingredients to produce a rich and delicious cake.

Stock up on tomato soup in your pantry. Once you try the recipe, you won’t want to make a crumbly cake ever again.

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