Diy Magnetic Energy A Great Way To Power Your Home

DIY magnetic energy is a great way to produce alternative energy for home use. Of course there are plenty of ways to produce alternative energy these days, including solar hot water/electric systems and wind turbines. However, converting your house to wind or solar is a fairly substantial task, so it is worthwhile considering other options such as DIY magnetic energy if you are looking to reduce your dependence on the grid or simply save yourself some money.

What Is DIY Magnetic Energy?

Magnets are very common, but they are mostly out of sight and as a consequence we don’t give them much thought. In fact the properties of magnets are essential to many pieces of equipment we use every day. ‘Standard’ electricity is made when a rotating device called a turbine moves a magnet around a wire. This causes a current to flow in the wire, and we use that current to power the appliances in our homes. The rotation can be produced by wind, water or some other force. In comparison, DIY magnetic energy, sometimes called ‘free energy’, uses a self-running magnetic motor hooked up to another set of magnets/wire coils that produce the electricity. You only need a small charge to get the motor started and you are on your way to producing power from your DIY magnetic generator.

Where to Get a Motor for Your DIY Magnetic Energy Generator

One of the easiest ways to make a magnetic motor for your generator is to build it yourself. There are some good online information sources that give detailed instructions on how to build your DIY magnetic energy generator. If you plan and do your research properly, you will find it quite a straightforward process and you should be able to construct the generator yourself using readily available equipment. It is a good idea to supplement any power you produce with another source such as the power grid or other forms of alternative energy. Relying on any one power source is unwise because it leaves you vulnerable to breakdowns or other supply problems. One advantage of a large DIY magnetic energy generator, or any type of alternative energy source for that matter, is that it makes it possible to feed power back into the grid if you have any surplus, and get paid for your trouble!

Energy Conservation & DIY Magnetic Energy

Once you have set up your generator and it is producing power, it is still a good idea to introduce energy conservation measures into your home so that your domestic costs are kept as low as possible. Simple measures like turning off appliances when they’re not in use, switching off lights, using energy efficient bulbs and switching your refrigerator and freezer to their optimum settings will all help.

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