How To Clean Urine Stains on Persian and Oriental Rugs

Pets play a major role in the daily routine of our lives. They are a source of companionship for people who require it, and many become as attached to them as they are with their family and friends.

Additionally, research suggests that pets are excellent for emotional and mental well-being. They help to decrease depression, stress and anxiety. They also help alleviate loneliness.

Although having a pet comes with numerous benefits, it also is a huge responsibility. Cleaning up after your pet is essential for maintaining a tidy home.

For younger pets or pets that have difficulty with potty training the task can be particularly difficult. Nobody wants a house with a smell of urine and cleaning up can be costly and time-consuming!

This is particularly the case if you have high-end rug that is damaged, like the elaborate Persian and Oriental carpets that are often commonly found in living spaces and hallways of homes with exquisite decor.

The first thing we need to tackle is understanding the value of lovely Persian and Oriental rug, so that you can appreciate the significance of cleaning them. The next step is to know what you can do to wash them gently but efficient manner that preserves their delicate color and soft texture.

Persian Rugs

Persian Rugs are beautiful premium carpets. They add to the beauty of any house regardless of the location they’re placed. In addition, they’re constructed with a finely tuned and intricate skills that add to the importance they have.

The majority of patterns feature gorgeous gardens and floral designs that reflect the diverse traditions of Persia.

Each and every knit is meticulously and expertly incorporated into the fabric, making the rug a delicate material, just like any other textile made by hand.

Unfortunately, these rug types are more prone to holding dirt due to their thick texture. This is why they require frequent gentle cleaning to keep the dirt from building up and also avoid unnecessary wear on the rug.

Oriental Rugs

Oriental wool Rugs originated from Asia in they are part of the Middle East. They are available in gorgeous shades that usually have symbolic significance. Weavers usually express their history through their rugs and they pay at the harmony of shades and hues in their coloring.

In these ways and due to the fact that they’re usually made from natural dyes A genuine Oriental rug can be expensive since it’s a truly unique work of art. This is a good reason to take the most careful possible treatment of it.

A basic vacuuming routine is required as is the case with cleaning a Persian rug. However, Oriental rug are particularly susceptible to the effects of cleaning products because of their natural coloring.

Chemical Composition of Stain

Urine staining is a challenge to eliminate, no matter the task you’re attempting to tackle. Even after the stain has disappeared the unpleasant ammonia odor remains.

The odor of this noxious smell is accentuated due to the fact it’s an organic fluid which means it’s associated with acidic compounds, enzymes as well as other compounds. which make it more difficult to remove from carpets and other fabrics.

Effects On Human Health

The exposure to urine of a pet can have negative consequences for the pet and its owner. That’s why it’s essential to wash it. Inhaling these fumes isn’t just unpleasant, it can make animals and humans sick If not treated.

Ammonia, as well with the eventual growth of other microbes can cause eye and skin irritations in the event that it is left for long periods. If one of your pets is particularly prone to allergic reactions or respiratory illnesses, washing the any urine-related stains are of paramount importance.

Effects on Fabric and Furniture

Urine exposure can damage the carpets furniture, rugs, and carpets are constructed of. The liquid is able to penetrate the fabric, flooring, and even plastic or wood where your pet relieved himself.

What causes this not just a smell-related problem? Because the urine’s salts are attracted by moisture. As moisture is accumulated the floors and other surfaces begin to become infected with unwanted microbes.

And to make things even more difficult the mold you’ll find on your pet’s shoes, footwear or kids get into can then be transferred to other areas in your house.

What should we do to prevent this odour contamination?

Cleaning Compounds

There are a few gentle cleaning products we are comfortable to recommend for those in need of an easy solution to urine staining. The essential cleaning products we recommend are listed below:

Cold Water & Soap

The first cleaning solution to employ is cold water along with dish soap. The first step is to take all carpets from the area. Put it in a place that has easy accessibility to the water.

A garage, for instance, is an ideal alternative. Use a soft brush to mix soap and cold water in the container. Use a gentle brush to rub the stain. Keep in mind that this can take a while. If you are easy it will be well worth the effort because the rug will not be damaged.


The procedure for cornstarch is fairly easy. Begin by sprinkling it on the area affected. Make sure you create an even layer. Rub it gently with an emery board.

Allow it to sit for a few days to allow the cornstarch to soak into the stain. You can also make the cornstarch damp with the spray bottle to reduce the smell.

Once the surface is dry The following step will be to vacuum the surface. Clean up any dry residue. All you’ll have left will be the clean, fresh carpet.

Towel Sandwich Method

Begin by blotting out the area to remove the liquid. Put two dry towels beneath and above the rug.

Place heavy objects on the towel over. This will force the pressure on the top towel and help in water absorption.

This method works only in clear fluids because there isn’t any need for cleaning agents to remove staining colors.

Baking Soda

Another natural cleaner can be found in baking soda. To eliminate the smell baking soda is incredibly inexpensive and efficient because it neutralizes the acids present in urine.

This process is easy. Simply sprinkle baking soda over the area that is soiled. It is then scrubbed gently using an abrasive and allow it to sit for a night.

Just like cornstarch, clean the area in the morning. All odors should disappear.

DIY- A Summary

Natural compounds can provide the desired outcome in the case of DIY rug cleaning. However, these methods don’t always work.

These techniques are intended to be used sparingly and not often, in order to prevent harm to the material of your beautiful rug. When it comes to extensive cleaning or stains that are stubborn You really need an expert’s help from those who are skilled in handling delicate materials.

Professional Cleaning

Cleaning professionals are the most effective cleaning option for urine staining. For cleaning the pricey Persinal and Oriental rug, experience is crucial. Therefore, you should always use the most reliable and effective cleaners.

A lot of companies provide simple cleaning pet urine from wool rug services. However, no other professional in this area offers the low-moisture, eco-friendly methods which Devine Rug Care uses with every service.

We will take care of all of your carpets and furniture as if they were our very own. This is particularly relevant to woven pieces made by hand using natural dyes. Obviously, such valuable fabrics should be handled with the utmost respect!

We provide five different ways for professional rug cleaning.

  • Steam Cleaning
  • Bonnet Cleaning
  • Encapsulation
  • Carpet Shampoo
  • Dry Compound

We suggest using an encapsulation carpet cleaner for your carpets that are worth it. This is because the encapsulation cleaning products aid in separating and suspending the urine present within your carpet. It allows you to quickly get rid of it with vacuum.

Any method that involves scrubbing causes the urine to penetrate further in the carpet. Contrary to that deep cleaning with techniques for encapsulation covers all the layers of the rug.

This lifts up the dirt completely while taking off any organic matter like pet urine. Therefore you, as our client will be left with a thoroughly and clean rug that is no chance of odors or spots appearing in the future.


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