10 Questions Homebuyers Should Ask Their Home Inspector

Hello, Dave! After over 15,000 home inspections in 30 years, I’ve compiled a list of questions that buyers should ask before hiring an inspector. Then, some questions to ask after the inspection. The questions I have compiled for each section of the home inspection (before, during, and after) are listed in order.

Questions To Ask Before Home Inspection

1. What standard of practice does the inspector adhere to?

Your home inspector must adhere to a national or state standard. You should read the standards to see what is and what is not included in the inspection. Avoid being surprised if, for example, you believe that your appliances are going to be inspected, but they’re not.

2. What are the limits of the inspector’s role?

Standards leave room for unsafe conditions or areas that are inaccessible to inspectors. It is important to ensure that all hatches and doors are unlocked to allow the inspector access to the entire house. The inspector must follow the guidelines of each state on what they are allowed to access. Your home inspector, for example, cannot use a nail puller to remove nails from hatches in order to gain access.

3. What is the company’s commitment to its inspection?

If you’re not satisfied with the service, it is important to find out if there is a guarantee. You’ll also want to know what you can do if you are not satisfied with the service or if the home inspector does not cover all the areas of your house that you requested.

4. How do you deliver the information from the post-inspection reports?

Most inspection reports of high quality in the industry are broken down into different categories. It is easy to see what the inspector thought were the most important issues to address, whether it be from a safety standpoint or an expense perspective. You’ll usually also get a summary of all the important items. A truly useful report may also include images or videos to help you negotiate with the seller and pinpoint the affected areas.

5. How long does the company offer support after the inspection?

Are they able to provide you with a list of discount codes for contractors that can help pay for the work needed? Are they able to provide you with follow-up support, such as one-year maintenance inspections or an energy audit once you have moved into your home? It’s important to know your inspector will continue to help you after you receive your report.

6. Can I bring others along to the inspection?

This is a good question to ask the homeowner, realtor, and inspector. Ask if contractors can come in to give you quotes or if friends/family can help you prepare for the move.

Questions To Ask During a Home Inspection

7. What should I look out for during the home inspection?

The most important areas of the home to pay attention to during an inspection are usually the basement, the kitchen, the bathrooms, and the exterior. You may be able to follow the inspector at specific times or even go with him throughout the inspection. Many times, our inspectors are asked if it is okay to follow up on their ladders at certain parts of the inspection. This is not allowed by homeowners’ insurance policies. You can ask your inspector to share photos and videos of the hard-to-reach areas.

8. What else can I do that the inspector does not cover?

You can do this with or without other contractors, depending on your expertise. You may be interested in a shed or pool, even if the inspector does not. If this is the case, you may need to bring in other professionals to help.

Questions To Ask At The End Of A Home Inspection

9. Do you need to perform any other tests or inspections based on your findings?

Do you need to perform a mold inspection to ensure that there is no mold in the house? You should also consider whether you need an engineer to assess the entire foundation or just a part.

10. What are the main concerns that the inspector has about the house?

You will learn about the issues that could be a deal breaker when purchasing a house. It is important to understand the things that can cost you money and cause you stress.

It is essential that you communicate effectively with your home inspector in flagler county to get the most out of their service. Be aware of the limitations. Inspectors cannot see behind walls or in areas out of their reach. The inspectors are trained to spot signs that there may be problems and can reveal concerns hidden behind surfaces. However, this is only true if signs are visible. This will ensure a positive experience, and you’ll be one step closer towards your dream home.

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