Tips for hiring a professional painter for your next project

You may need to paint the ceilings, walls or floors. What about your patio? Hiring a professional painting company or painter will guarantee you the best results. They have put together a list of tips that will help you choose the best painter for your job.

What makes a painter good?

You must first hire a qualified painter. You can hire a non-licensed painter for your own home but you will need to hire an RBQ certified painting contractor if you are planning to paint a rented building or multi-unit property. Hiring a licensed contractor will also protect you from being held responsible if anything goes wrong.

The painter that you select should also be insured, open about their charges, and available to meet the deadline. The painter should be meticulous and proud of their work.

How to choose a professional artist

Determine your needs before you begin your search. Do you want to paint an exterior or interior surface? Residential, commercial, and industrial properties all require different types of painting specialists. Consider whether you only need to touch up or complete a paint job.

Searching the Internet or asking friends and family for recommendations can help you find potential painters. Do not let anyone else make your decision. Check online reviews for the satisfaction of previous clients.

Ask each painter for a price. Some professional painters will offer home consultations in order to better assess the scope and nature of the project. Compare the quotes carefully to find out which quote best suits your budget and needs. Do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have. You should always choose a painting contractor or painter that you trust.

What to ask your Painter

Before you start your project, you need to discuss a few important things with your painter. Here are the most important things to ask.

How many coats are you going to apply?

How many coats and whether a primer is needed will depend on the type of surface, its current color and final colour. Beware of those who claim that one coat will suffice.

Who pays for the paint?

You will likely have to purchase the paint yourself if you hire an independent, private painter. In this case, you should find out what products are required. Painting companies will often include paint prices in their quotes.

Is surface preparation included in the price?

The preparation of the surface is an important step in painting. It is important to take the time to repair and clean the area before painting. This will ensure long-lasting results. It may take several touch-ups, depending on the area. If the surface preparation is not included in the services of a painter, you should find someone else who can do this.

Have you ever worked on a similar project before?

A painter who has experience is the best choice. They will be able, if they have completed similar projects before, to offer you a service that is tailored to your requirements and exceeds your expectations. The painter knows which products are best to use for the best outcome.

Save money

Painters must take certain steps if they want to avoid having to repaint the work soon after it is completed. Poorly applied paint can cause it to chip, crack or fade. Seek professional advice if necessary. 

Want to save money? There are many things you can try. You can, for example, wash and repair surfaces yourself. Covering furniture and large objects can reduce your costs. Keep an eye on promotions to find a good deal.


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