Top 10 Home Maintenance Tips

We know the relief you feel when your documentation is complete! purchasing a new house might seem like an impossible task. However, home ownership doesn’t end there.

Initially, home maintenance can seem daunting and time-consuming. The results are always worth it! Residential cleaning is a good way to save money over time. You can do most home maintenance work yourself, even if you have no experience.

We understand, however, that these tasks can be overwhelming for first-time homeowners. While juggling other aspects of life, it can be hard to keep track of everything.

We have created a home cleaning/maintenance checklist to help you!

Monthly Residential cleaning Tasks

  • Inspect drains

Regularly check your drains in the sinks and washbasins to make sure that debris has not accumulated. Baking soda and vinegar can be mixed in equal parts to unclog drains. Pour the mixture into the drain, and wait until it bubbles. Once it has subsided, you can place a stopper on the drain and wait another 15 minutes. Pour boiling water into your drain after this.

  • Clean showerheads, bathroom taps

As part of your home cleaning process, don’t forget to remove mineral deposits from your showerheads and bathroom faucets! It will prevent rust from forming in the future.

  • Run water through the toilets

The following home maintenance tip is for those who have rooms in their house that aren’t regularly used, such as guest rooms. It is important to avoid dirt accumulation due to water accumulation.

Annual House Cleaning Tasks

  • How to clean inverter batteries

As part of your home maintenance, you should refill the batteries in an inverter every two years. you can buy distilled-water cans at supermarkets and pharmacies. This tip will increase the shelf-life of batteries as well as improve their efficiency.

  • Gardening!

You should also clean your plants/garden periodically, even if you water them daily. Here are some tips you should remember:

Remove weeds from plant pots/gardens.

Check for insects/ bugs on your plants. Mix one and a quarter teaspoons of mild liquid detergent with a liter water to make an easy, homemade insecticide. Spray the solution directly onto the affected parts of the plant. Spray the solution in the early morning or evening.

We have a blog that is full of kitchen gardening ideas.

  • Dust the entire house

Dusting your home is a very important task. Do it every few months. All your appliances, furniture, ceiling fans and windows should be cleaned. Cover door edges and other areas that could be damaged by excessive water. It is important to secure your windows and doors if you have young children at home. You can also refer to our checklist for child safety in the home.

Home Maintenance Tasks

  • How to clean your AC filter

Your air conditioning filter should be cleaned annually to ensure it is working efficiently. You can reuse a reusable AC-filter by simply washing it under running water. If your AC has an auto-cleaning feature, you can skip this step.

  • Check the roof surface for damage

Check your roof for any damage, such as wall cracks, paint chips, holes or other damages. Contact a local roofing contractor immediately if you notice any damage.

  • How to clean your kitchen chimney

A clean chimney every year will ensure that smoke is continuously flowing from your kitchen. A professional chimney sweep can remove the soot accumulation. For more information, contact the nearest company that offers kitchen cleaning and repair services.

  • Paint your house!

Check the exterior of your home for paint chips. You should touch up the exterior of your home at least once per year. This activity can be done by you or a professional. For more details –


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