Easy pancakes one of Taste’s ‘most popular recipes of all time’

This easy pancake recipe was submitted by Tastemember “bdittmann88” over a decade back. It is now one of Taste.com.au’s most popular recipes!

How popular is it? Many Taste reviewers have declared it to be “the best pancake they’ve ever eaten.”

Why is it so popular?

This recipe is very simple. You only need five basic ingredients, most of which you already own. The mixture can be ready in less than 3 minutes.

The batter tastes better!

Second, the batter tends to be on the thicker end.
Some of our Taste reviewers think that this makes the pancakes easier to make and more delicious to eat.

This works every time!

It works every time with fluffy, light, fluffy pancakes. The recipe is perfect as it is – after all, we have tested it so often, and it works every time. However, you can add your variations to it. Prefer a less sweet pancake?

Add a pinch of sea salt and reduce the sugar a little.
Looking for a thick American-style recipe for pancakes?
Add some more flour. So easy!

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