Replacement Covers and Cushions

Replaceable cushion covers can give your rattan furnishings a new look and feel. We offer the highest quality linen and cotton cushions for your furniture.

Our high-quality replacement cushions won’t sag with time, unlike other cheaper options on the market. Did we mention they’ll last many years? The replacement cushions we offer are made of high-quality materials and comfort foam. Customers from all over the world love them.

We have had a 100% satisfaction rate with our customers since we started trading replacement covers for rattan furniture over 30 years ago. We value our clients. Our clients can order upholstered fabrics that are tailored to their needs. You can be assured of complete peace-of-mind when you work with us. We will use only 100% genuine materials and your order is in good hands. This is a unique service. We will collect your original covers, take them to our facility where upholsterers with experience will disassemble the covers and create a template. This is all done to ensure that you get the best possible service for your money.

Rattan cushions and covers for furniture: Ideal for Rattan furnishings

You can rely on us for any interior design project. Whether you want to improve your living area or prepare your house for an event, we are here to help. Spending a fortune to restore rattan furniture in excellent condition is not necessary. Replace the cushions and covers for a fraction. What are you still waiting for? You’ll impress your guests with our beautiful fabrics. Our replacement cushions come in many different designs, colors, and materials.

Our clients come from both the commercial and residential sector. We can provide rattan covers and cushions for your hotel, restaurant or forest property. Call us now on 0800 0133424!

Your Rattan furniture will look new again when you replace the cushions and covers.

Our company is devoted to creating the best designs for our customers. Our cushions are made from heavy-duty fabric to prevent them from tearing or creasing.

Any cushion shape or design can be replaced.

You can choose any design or shape for your cushion. We have a collection of traditional and modern florals, as well as neutral modern fabrics.

Our fabrics are available at a variety of price ranges

We have everything, from linens to cottons. We have it all.

Order a free sample of fabric that will arrive the next day.

Order fabric samples and we will deliver them as soon as possible. After you’ve chosen your fabric, call our showroom to speak with our staff.

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