Why You Should Order a Home Inspection on New Construction

It’s easy to engage a home inspection in the event that you are purchasing a house that is older. You might not be thinking that you need to conduct an inspection on a property that is brand new. It is essential to have an inspection of your home on the construction of a new home. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons.

New Homes Can Have Problems
A brand-new home must be in good condition since nobody has ever lived in it, and no furniture has been utilized. Your family members will be the first to live in the house. You’ll find out whether the basement floods in large storms, and if the HVAC system is functioning effectively. The most common issues which can be observed in new homes are described below.

Doors and windows that are not sealed properly
Connections are loose within the HVAC system.
A thermostat that isn’t working properly
Incorrectly installed plumbing could cause leaks
Electrical switches that are missing their cover plates
Ungrounded electrical wiring
Poor drainage and improper grading
Cracks in the foundation
Poor framing

Municipal Code Inspections Aren’t Thorough
You might be surprised discover that inspections for building codes do not guarantee that all issues have been identified. Code inspectors’ job isn’t to check every part of your home. They’re there to ensure that your house was constructed in accordance with the minimum standards for building. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re not working as they should. It’s not their job to complete a full home inspection.

Certain new homes are plagued by significant flaws. To be sure that your brand new home is in excellent condition, request an New Construction Inspection in Houston, TX.

Home Inspection on New Construction in Phases
You can request inspections while the construction of your house begins. Inspections during different stages of construction allows your inspector to identify problems, while making it easy to repair them. A pre-drywall inspection could be carried out after the framing has been completed. This gives the inspector the chance to examine the wiring, insulation and plumbing prior to the walls are put up. The final inspection will be the comprehensive inspection which takes place following the completion of your home and prior to moving in.

Is it Worth the Cost for a Home Inspection on New Construction?
Do not assume that your home’s systems have been installed properly. It is better to have the insulation posts, studs beams, cables foundation, plumbing and other components examined by a professional inspector who will be there for you. If the issues are not discovered in the midst of repairs, your expenses could run into hundreds of dollars. The cost for a new construction inspection isn’t much when compared to the cost you could end up spending for repairs.

When you conduct a home inspection for new construction, the issues discovered can be the fault of the builder. Making sure the building is safe could save you a significant amount dollars in the near future.

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