The Best Time to Schedule Chimney Repairs

Why is spring the best time to repair masonry? It’s possible that the harsh winter weather caused some damage. But can it wait? Masonry repairs can be a little tricky. Spring weather is ideal for masonry repairs that would otherwise not be set properly. If you find out that you need to make repairs before winter, this gives you time to complete the work.

Tuckpointing or Masonry Rebuilds?
The mortar on your chimney may have deteriorated during the winter. You can save on “tuckpointing” if the mortar is flaking and cracked. This is because no water is yet in your masonry system due to a problem with the mortar. The old mortar on the chimney is removed and replaced with new mortar. This gives it a brand-new look and provides structural strength.

Water will enter the masonry system if the mortar condition is not addressed. Water intrusion requires the replacement of each brick. When water enters, a partial or total masonry rebuild may be required. This is a different price than tuckpointing and timing makes all the difference.

Technically, the weather is perfect
The mild weather is ideal for masonry repairs. It’s the best reason to not put off repairs. It’s best to do masonry work now, as the mortar will set in warm and dry weather. It is best to avoid doing the work during winter because the mortar will not set properly. Winter is also more expensive because of the special measures taken to create a conducive environment for repair work.

Winter Jam is Here!
Winter is a favorite season for many people because they can enjoy a cozy fire in their fireplace. If you love to sit in the glow of dancing fires, then getting your fireplace and chimney ready should be priority number one. Due to the cold weather, you will have your first opportunity for a fire in the fall. A chimney inspection may be necessary because the chimney has not been safe or functional for some time. If damage to the chimney is discovered, it will take longer to repair.

Do not miss your winter passion. It’s the perfect time to repair masonry.
The best time to get Chimney Repair in Seattle is now

Now is the time to repair your chimney. Most homeowners delay chimney repairs until the fall. Our services are in high demand when the fireplace season is approaching.

Even though we are trying to get the word out, right now is the time when chimney repairs are most needed. Moisture damage to chimneys is surprisingly common. Your chimney could have cracked masonry or flashings, missing mortar, or even a damaged crown. You may need to replace the chimney liner or your chimney could be blocked.

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