Tricks to protect your house from bad luck

If you’re looking to attract luck to the world, then we suggest following the 8 suggestions we offer for you to consider today. The popular wisdom combined with religion and other factors make up the foundation of a lot of beliefs, and they are difficult to dismiss. Therefore, we come up with 8 methods to shield your home from the ill effects of negative energy, envy, and the evil eye.


Lucky bamboo

It is possible to bring luck by using elements that are utilized in many different styles of life. One such element that is well-known is the lucky bamboo, which is believed to increase luck. The exotic item is available in shops that specialize in Asian products or within the department store’s home area. shop or with florists.

Common salt

What is the best method to remove nazar with salt? Salt is a mineral that has properties believed to guard against evil eye and witchcraft. Many people put salt lines on the outside of their home to guard it from evil spirits. An easier way to accomplish this is to sprinkle salt around the doorway of your home, as it blocks evil spirits from gaining entry.

Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers can help eliminate negative energy and clean the air as well. Flowers are also a gorgeous ornamental element, and because they can help eliminate negative luck, you do not need to be concerned about filling your home with fresh flowers!

White candles

Use white candles to light up your home, as they’re the best to draw good vibes to the room that you put them. In the same way, the popular opinion is that lighting candles with black flames will cause all kinds of bad luck. It is recommended to keep them out of your home.


Water sucks up negative energies, and they are flushed out through the flow of water. If you’re looking to achieve peace and calm while cleaning the environment, The best option is to install an outdoor fountain in your yard or in your garden. Even a tiny one can suffice.Get help from an expert to create the best fountain for your area.

Essential oils

They can be powerful allies that create peace in the surroundings and due to their scents, they can bring good luck such as love, health, or luck. They not only protect those who use them but also the environment.

Incense that burns

Another method to purify the negative energy that is present in our surroundings and to attract positive energies is to try burning incense. The smoke of white is believed to bring positive health effects, both mental and physical. The aroma can also help create a meditative and spiritual setting.

Lemon, vinegar, baking soda

Mixing lemon, vinegar as well as sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), you can make an effective cleaning product that will clean and safeguard your home from luck. The mixture made from the 3 ingredients is able to wash the floor as well as other surfaces. The result is sure to be a surprise to you!

Here are a few more tricks to make sure you stay away from bad luck

If you’re thinking of ways to get rid of negative luck, paint your interiors with lighter and neutral shades. It is a great way to relax and make your spaces seem larger and more bright than they really are. It is possible to add colorful cushions or art pieces to add visual interest, such as you can see here in the lounge room. For protection against evil eyes, you could also paint the walls the lightest shade of yellow since it neutralizes negative energy. The yellow hue can make your space appear bright, warm and welcoming. Beware of dark colors.

How can you get rid of nazar in an easy and cost-effective manner? Get rid of the interiors often and eliminate clutter. Organize your home as much as you can to make sure that the rooms appear tidy and tidy and you are able to locate essential things in time. Avoid furniture or accessories that have sharp corners as well. So your family members and pets are away from danger. We love how this stunning dining room is equipped with chairs that are rounded.


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