Tips to Make Your FOOD Next Event More Eco-Friendly

  • Sustainable events are more tolerable for the environment; however, it’s also good for your company’s image. Ninety-four percent of Gen Zs and 87 percent of Gen Ys think that companies must take action on urgent environmental concerns. It’s an unsurprising fact that sustainability is at the forefront of the agenda for event planners.
  • If you’re expecting to find a long list of regulations that will take the fun from your event, expect to be amazed. Here are ten tips to do to ensure that your next event is carbon-neutral.

Location: Minimize Your Carbon Footprint

  • 1. Incentivize Sustainable Travel. The majority of emissions result from travel (as high as 90 percent), so innovative event organizers are offering more sustainable alternatives. For instance, at the International Music Summit in Ibiza, organizers sponsored the Eco Badge initiative to encourage green travel options, like cycling or taking ferry rides. “We ask people traveling over to show a picture of their ferry ticket and they get a heavily discounted price in return,” says the event’s co-founder, Ben Turner.
  • 2. Make Your Venue Easy to Get To. Give options that are easily accessible by foot, and give guests who are not in town directions on public transportation options.
  • 3. Opt to make your event virtual. The most efficient way to minimize the carbon footprint of your event is to ensure that it is travel-free. While the epidemic is mostly gone, the virtual event is going to be around for a while and offers a number of advantages for event organizers to take advantage of. Particularly, they can provide higher budgets for famous presenters and speakers.

Food: Low-Impact Menus and Less Food Waste

  • 4. Provide plant-based meals. Making more dishes that are plant-based is a great method of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and being mindful of the meat you consume. Did you know that the production of beef is responsible for ten times as much greenhouse gas emissions worldwide as chicken?
  • 5. Serve milk made from plants. Select one of the most popular alternatives to milk – such as potatoes and oats. You can go an extra step and offer your drink with edible cups!
  • 6. Participate in Food donation programs. Partnering with food donation programs such as Too Good to Go assists businesses like cafes, restaurants, hotels, and many more to make the most of leftover food through the sale of it. Profits are higher, and there is less food wasted.
  • 7. Opt for ingredients that are sourced locally. Local ingredients aren’t just more sustainable but also enable you to emphasize the local artisanal or traditional foods. This way, you can highlight the distinctiveness of your venue and leave a lasting impression on guests.
  • 8. Choose foods that are more likely to last longer. Do you realize that a third of all food products never is eaten and accounts for 6% of greenhouse gases in the world? Three times the amount of any other industry in aviation! As an event organizer, there’s plenty it’s possible to do to decrease this number. Food items can be served for longer and, depending on the way it’s packaged (look for options that compost, too), the leftovers may be given away instead of being thrown away.

Share: Tell Folks About Your Efforts and Invite Them to the Party

  • 9. Inform Your Audience Make certain to blow your own horn when you talk about your environmentally friendly choices and, in particular, the effect. You’ll earn trust and respect as well as bonus points with your guests in the present and make everyone’s expectations higher to ensure that all future events are more environmentally friendly. Green practices.
  • 10. Don’t litter the Landfills for the moment. From compostable containers to online programs, set the limit on what can end up in the garbage. Don’t forget about giveaways with branded names.
  • Cocktails or coffees that are specially brewed will make a more popular choice than corporate swag. And using Ripples, you can spread the message of your brand to each of your drinks. The incredible photogenic medium will be shared with friends and enhance your presence beyond the venue.
  • With Ripples Natural drinks prints made of plants, the only thing you’ll be left with is smiles of joy.
  • Expert in libations Mia Mastroianni joined our Instagram Live in October to discuss how the bar business is changing, the most exciting trends she’s seen, and how to prepare for the holidays.
  • Mia has over twenty years of experience working in the service industry throughout the USA. She was among the original members of Soho House West Hollywood and is a master mixologist in the show Bar Rescue (we met her at the moment that we were in the Ripple Maker was on the show in a particular episode).

Here are some tips Mia has shared during our chat

  • 1. Drinkers are more conscious of their consumption, So be mindful of healthy ingredients when creating your drinks. Consider items such as carrot juice
  • 2. People are seeking something unique in their beverages. Find savory ingredients like sesame oil
  • 3. After two years of not having anyone going out, people are now looking to enjoy the traditional, proper celebration of the holiday season. Plan a menu for the season and decorate the place, or create targeted advertisements to give guests the same experience they’ve missed out on. Please provide them with a reason to come to your establishment, specifically.
  • 4. Find winter-friendly spices such as the Chai tea syrup that is incorporated into the whiskey sour
  • 5. Choose individuals with the right mindset for your team. Personality matters more than years of experience (and ensure that you’re fully prepared for the holidays!)
  • 6. Make a signature cocktail your customers won’t be able to make at home. Think about using larger glasses to make your drinks look more elegant and then include visual glitz such as edible glitter or the Ripples print on the top to give your customers an experience that they’ll keep talking about for a long time.
  • The text reads, “This billboard is cooling your Heineken. Cheers.”
  • The key takeaway is that your marketing campaigns will have a huge impact by combining creativity with a message. Always think about the bigger story you want to convey. The billboard’s symbolic nature is the context of climate change; however, it is a highly efficient method to kick off an exchange about Heineken’s brand values.


  • People who visit the Guinness Storehouse are able to taste The STOUTie, A perfect pint of Guinness that comes with the option of having a selfie printed on the head. The website of Guinness Storehouse’s website Guinness Storehouse website “In the true spirit of innovation, The STOUTie pushes the boundaries, using technology to add natural malt extract to the top of each Guinness pint to create the chosen design.”
  • The Takeaway Selfies on drinks have been proven to be viral. As each pint is branded with an image of the Guinness Storehouse logo, it’s an easy and scalable method to increase brand awareness and brand recognition.
  • If this piece has inspired you and you are looking for ways to incorporate a new marketing strategy for your brand or bar, it is the simple way to go about it. Your campaign might be in place in the next few days!

Ripples Co-Founder and CEO Yossi Meshulam explains how you can sell more drinks and create memorable experiences at your events.

CFE: The reason you catering companies and planners of events, in particular, invest in the Ripple Maker?

The first and most important thing is that it’s an immediate return on investment. We have lots of mixologists, caterers, and coffee carts making use of our technology. It’s an item that can be sold to these businesses. The technology is inexpensive, and, in the majority of instances, they can reap the benefit in two events.

With Ripples catering, caterers are an integral component of events. They’re more than just a food and beverage partner. You’re offering clients an opportunity to spread messages and provide hundreds of photos.

Final thoughts on ideas for cocktail garnishes

These ideas can open your eyes to the myriad possibilities and lucrative opportunities garnishes for cocktails can bring to your business. Please make use of them in creative ways to distinguish yourself from your competitors and to engage your customers. You’ll leave them with your audience with a pleasant taste in their mouths.



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