Recipe: For making Best Jumanji

  • This refreshing cocktail will make you feel like summer all in one glass, made with perfectly balanced rum mango sorbet and Passoa, one of our favorites. Passion fruit liquor.
  • This cocktail was created specifically in conjunction with Ripple Maker in collaboration with our friends Or Asulin for a welcome reception for President Biden to be held in Israel on July 20, 2022. Our Ripples Creative Studio developed unique multi-toned designs to be used at the occasion.


  • A cocktail suitable for the president


    • Shaker
    • Strainer
    • Ripple Maker


    • 5o ml rum
    • 20 ml passion
    • 30 ml mango sorbet
    • 20 milliliters of lemon juice
    • 20 mg simple syrup
    • 20 ml aquafaba


    • Mix all the ingredients in a shaker.
    • Dry shake for 30 secs
    • Add ice, and then wet shake it for about 30 seconds.
    • Double-strain the coupe glass and then fill it to the brim.
    • Finish with your most-loved Ripples print.


  • We were honored to be part of with our colleagues from Maree Sky Bar to greet US Vice President Biden at a garden party in the Israeli Presidential House in Jerusalem. This specially crafted cocktail was designed to mark the occasion by Asulin. Be certain to shake it twice and then strain it slowly to form the perfect foam.
  • Cocktails or coffee that are specially brewed will attract more people than corporate swag. And by using Ripples, you can expand your message to every one of your drinks. The incredible photogenic medium can be marketed to the social media world and enhance your presence beyond the venue.
  • With Ripples Natural plant-based drink prints, all you’ll have left behind is smiles of joy.
  • Expert in libations Mia Mastroianni joined our Instagram Live in October of last year to discuss what’s next for the industry, the most exciting trends she’s seen, and how to prepare for the holidays.
  • Mia has more than two decades of work experience working in the service industry across the USA. She was among the original members of Soho House West Hollywood and is a master mixologist on the TV show Bar Rescue (we met her during the time that she was the Ripple Maker was a featured item during an episode).

Here are some suggestions Mia has shared during our chat

  • 1. Drinkers are more conscious of their consumption, So make sure to think about healthy ingredients when creating your drinks. Consider items such as carrot juice
  • 2. The people are searching for something unique in their beverages. Look into savory ingredients such as sesame oil
  • 3. After two years of not having anyone going out, people are now looking to have a night out and enjoy a traditional, proper holiday celebration. Make a menu that is seasonal as well as decorations. Create specific advertising that will give them the same experience they’ve missed out on. Offer them a reason to come to your establishment, specifically.
  • 4. Find winter-friendly spices such as the Chai tea syrup that is incorporated into the whiskey sour
  • 5. Find people who have the right mindset for your team. Personality matters more than years of knowledge (and ensure you’re adequately with staff for the holiday season!)
  • 6. Make a signature cocktail your customers won’t be able to make at home. Look into heavier glasses to make your cocktails appear more lavish and also give them a visual appeal like edible glitter or a Ripples print on the top to provide an experience for your customers that they’ll keep talking about for a long time.
  • The text reads, “This billboard is cooling your Heineken. Cheers.”
  • The lesson to take away is that your marketing campaigns will have a huge impact by combining innovative thinking with a clear message. Always think about the bigger story you want to communicate. The billboard’s symbolic nature is the context of climate action and is an extremely efficient way to begin the conversation about Heineken’s branding values.


  • The visitors to the Guinness Storehouse are able to taste The STOUTie, A perfect pint of Guinness featuring the option of having a selfie printed on the head. The Guinness Storehouse’s website The Guinness Storehouse website states, “In the true spirit of innovation, The STOUTie pushes the boundaries, using technology to add natural malt extract to the top of each Guinness pint to create the chosen design.”
  • The Takeaway selfies on drinks have been proven to be viral. Because each pint has Guinness Storehouse’s Guinness Storehouse logo, it’s a simple and scalable method to increase brand awareness.
  • If you’re impressed by this post, and you are seeking ways to create the latest marketing strategies for your restaurant or brand, it is the simple way to go about it. Your campaign may be in place in the next few days!

Ripples Co-Founder and CEO Yossi Meshulam discusses how you can sell more drinks and create memorable experiences for your guests at your events.

CFE: What is the reason why should event planners and caterers be investing in the Ripple Maker?

It’s an immediate return on investment. We have lots of mixologists, caterers, and coffee carts making use of our technology. It’s an additional item to sell these businesses. The technology is inexpensive, and, in many cases, they reap the return on investment on two occasions.

With Ripples catering, caterers are an integral component of events. They’re more than just a food and beverage partner. You’re offering clients an opportunity to spread messages and offering many photographic opportunities.

Final thoughts on ideas for cocktail garnishes

These ideas will inspire you to the myriad possibilities and lucrative opportunities cocktail garnishes could bring to your business. Utilize them in innovative ways to distinguish yourself from your competitors and to engage your clients. You’ll leave them with an excellent taste in their mouths.



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