Oysters, licorice: 8 foods people only pretend to like

Reddit has circulated a 2022 post asking, “What food would you swear that people pretend to enjoy?”

This thread has received 36,720 comments. People have strong feelings about it.

Do you agree with this statement, or do you have any other foods that you believe people dislike? Please leave your comments.

Christmas pudding

Sorry, Nan. Christmas pudding is overrated. There are many other cake options. What’s the point of putting dried fruits and citrus peel in a cake that is dense, boozy, and never appears to be cooked? No thanks. There’s a good reason why we set it on fire.


This is another old-fashioned way to extend the shelf life of a cake that we have evolved beyond. It’s just too much. It’s too much. This one is a pass.


Oysters are a controversial topic. Redditors said that oysters were just “overpriced boogers.” This is a hard-to-unsee visual.


Licorice is an especially insidious threat for many. After you get rid of that taste of dirt and grass, it will linger in your throat for a while until you clean your teeth.

Coconut Water

This is for coconut water in a can. The coconut water always tastes like a strange stevia-like sweetness. If you drink it at room temp, it will turn into bitter vinegar. One commenter said, “It tastes like the water that you would drink after getting a pedicure.”


It may upset some Scots, but can we please stop pretending Fire Water is an enjoyable way to drink alcohol? Even in movies, grizzled men grimacing and sucking their lips after a little dram do not look like they are having fun.


It’s not right to drink a glass of it after the age of 10 years. Calcium is indeed good for bones. But eat some cheddar to grow up.

Super hot food

We love the kick that a bit of spice can add to our meals. Once things reach a certain level of heat, they become painful and ruin any flavors you may have been able to enjoy.

“Sauces made with capsaicin are a painful spice that has an aftertaste like battery acid. I would never recommend using them on food.”

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