KFC drops Fiery Zinger Burger – but its hotter than 2016 version

One fast food chain wants to test your love of spicy foods.

KFC has officially announced its newest burger, the Fiery Zinger Burger. It will be even hotter than its 2016 version.

The burger is made with the Zinger fillet and lettuce and comes with a sauce made up of 11 chilies, including jalapeno peppers, Carolina Reaper, and habanero.

The Supercharged Zinger Burger and the Classic Version are the next spiciest in the Zinger line.

Tami Cunningham is the chief marketing officer of KFC Australia. She said: “We understand that many Australians enjoy their food to be spicy, so we created the Fiery Zinger Burger to satisfy those who like to test their limits or to satisfy their cravings for heat.

The Zinger range’s hottest burger is a new take on KFC classics. It will delight Aussies who love a KFC experience that brings the heat. You never know when this will be available again.

One of Australia’s largest fried chicken chains isn’t just a fried chicken chain.

The new Fiery Double is available on the Secret Menu for KFC Double fans.

This sandwich is made with two Zinger fillets, which act as a breading. It also has bacon and cheese and KFC’s new 11 Chilli Sauce.

There are burgers in meals. But for those who need to eat fast, there’s the Fiery Zinger Box. It includes a Fiery Zinger Burger and two pieces of Hot & Crispy Wings (or Wicked Wings, depending on where you live), along with chips, potato and gravy, and a drink.

Fiery Zinger Burgers are available between August 8 and 4th at participating KFC Restaurants and on the KFC App.

Fans can get it one day earlier via the KFC App – but the secret menu item only appears in the app.

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