Kangaroo, lemon myrtle: Recipes using native Australian ingredients

Are you familiar with the native Australian ingredients that can be used to prepare food?

These recipes show the versatility of Australian produce, from macadamias to finger limes.

These recipes are a mix of sweet and savory and feature some of Australia’s native ingredients.

Soup with river mint, peas, and warrigal leaves

Nornie Bero creates a dish with vibrant colors and a touch of mint.

Saltbush pepper berrycrocodile

Crocodile is tough. To tenderize it, use a mallet. It’s like calamari because it hardens fast. Most likely, you’ll buy the tail filet. However, I prefer to cook with “croc chops” (with the bones in) as the marrow gives it more flavor.

Warrigal verde dip with potatoes

This simple green sauce will help you use up the herbs that you may have in your fridge from other recipes.

Macadamia Banana Bread with Lemon Myrtle Drizzle

Helena’s classic banana bread is elevated with Australian bush foods.

Kangaroo Curry with Macadamia Flatbread

Colin Fassnidge, Anthony Puharich, and kangaroo are the ingredients for this curry. MMacadamia flatbread is a true blue.

Snapper in native spiced broth with braised fennel

This broth is best enjoyed with whole snapper. Ally Waddell & Peter Hardwick.

Couscous with thyme, warrigal leaves, and macadamia-and-saltbush-crusted Lamb

Nornie Bero’s Australian Sunday Roast is a classic but with a modern twist.

Lemon myrtle cake

This recipe is very dear to me. It’s a recipe that my Aunt Susan used to make. It brings back a lot of memories. Every time there was a celebration, Aunty Susie made a cake. I asked her to create a recipe using some native ingredients, and that’s exactly what she did.” – Matt Stone


Sea trout baked with parsley and macadamia Butter

This centerpiece will make your next party the talk of the town.

Baked yams topped with crispy saltbush and charred pepper berry figs

Nornie Bero mixes her favorite root vegetable with some zingy indigenous flavors and some meltingly sweet figs.

Pork belly with finger lime, Varkala, and fennel salsa

Looking for a decadent roast recipe? Here, you can stop scrolling.

Homemade sausages with kangaroo mince spiced recipe

Kangaroo mince sausages are the ultimate in Aussie food.

Pork schnitzel with macadamia-crumbled ‘Aussiekraut

Could there be anything more Australian than this pub classic schnitzel? We don’t believe so. The usual sauerkraut is given a beetroot-infused twist, while an Aussie macadamia crunch adds crunch.

Rustic Potato Bake with Crunchy Saltbush Crumb

Simon gives a new twist to an old favorite with this recipe, created for Neale and David Novak Piper’s Taylor’s Of Berry Guesthouse.

Apple-lemon myrtle meringue Cake

This delicious bake from Tracey Pattison is the perfect way to end a cold night.

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