Florida restaurant offers plant-based steak for $105

A Florida steakhouse sells an “unbelievable” plant-based menu item at $105.

Charley’s Steak House sells the F U Filet Mignon at US$69. This is roughly equivalent to AU$105. It’s reportedly the only place in the United States that offers a tenderloin option made from plant-based ingredients.

The dish was made from plant-based ingredients, including fermented wheat and soy, beet juice, vitamin B12, iron-fortified with B12, and coconut oil. A 170-gram version had 40 grams of protein and no cholesterol.

The steak is prepared using a dry rub and then cooked over an open flame wood-fired fire pit.

It is usually prepared with other cuts of high-quality meat.

The food item is described as “freaking incredible” on the menu. Chunk is a food technology start-up partially funded by Robert Downey Jr.

Chunk’s mission is to make “delicious, nutritious plant-based whole cuts, that are kind to our environment and accessible to everyone.”

Chunk’s founder and CEO Amos Golan told¬†VegNews that “Chunk” is on the menu alongside other premium cuts of meat because it has a great nutritional profile, a clean ingredient list, and an excellent culinary performance.

In another interview, he said that the biggest challenge when it comes to fake meat “is to mimic the texture, color, and taste traditional meat along with controlling direction and thickness of fibres and juiciness.”

The restaurant’s bosses said that they had been searching for a vegan option for quite some time.

Seth Miller, the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Talk of the Town Restaurant Group (which runs Charley’s), told Fast Company: “We always turn right into the vegan and veggie section.”¬†We’ve been disappointed.

They have settled on a cut they like, claiming that the other cuts “fooled” them. There are also talks about offering it in their other restaurants.

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