Top 20 easy air fryer snack recipes kids will enjoy

These sweet and savory snacks will keep the kids satisfied and happy.

Air fry them easily and quickly – your children can help you prepare some of them. recommends freezing some of the recipes to use in school lunches later.

Little potato pancakes

These cheesy potato pancakes only require five ingredients and are made super crispy with the help of an air fryer. These potato pancakes are the perfect addition to poached eggs and bacon for breakfast or smoked salmon with creme fraiche at lunch.

Salmon fish cakes

These salmon cakes can be made without a stove because the potatoes are cooked in the microwave, and the cakes are air-fried.

These are a great snack or lunch. Serve with salad, or put them on a bun to make a delicious burger. It’s too easy.

Garlic bread croissant roll-ups

Here’s the latest version of our garlic bread. We’ve made our most delicious and crispy garlic bread rolls yet using just three simple ingredients that you can find at Coles.

Roll up the croissants and place them in an air-fryer for 10 minutes. This is a great starter or snack because of the stringy cheese, garlic, and butter.

Apple pie pockets

You’d be surprised at what you can create with some apple slices and spring roll wrappers. This crunchy finger food can be made in less than 30 minutes using your air fryer. Dip into a thick caramel for added sweetness.

Pork & Apple Sausage Rolls

Air fryers are easy to use and incredibly convenient. The easy sausage rolls are proof that there is no need to worry.

Air fryer scones with cheese and bacon.

The scones taste best when served warm. They are also delicious as an accompaniment to hearty soups.

Japanese Chicken Tenders

This Japanese-inspired chicken strip will become your new go-to air-fryer, served with ginger and mayonnaise.

French onion potato sticks

These potato sticks are the perfect air-fried snack. These potato sticks are made with mashed potatoes and French onion soup (which give them a retro twist) and make the perfect party food or cheeky snack.

Dip them in French onion sour cream for a bigger taste of this delicious flavor.

Tuna & Sweet Corn Nuggets

These tasty bites can be made in an air fryer to get a crunchy, crispy coating. You won’t have greasy fingers after eating them.

The addition of cauliflower will give your nuggets a lighter texture and nuttier taste. They’ll love them and not even realize that they are full of good stuff.

Crunchy Nut French Toast

Crunchy Nut Cornflakes get a new crunch. The classic breakfast, with its soft and gooey insides and crisp crunch golden outsides, is transformed into an indulgent dessert by adding a few simple variations.

Vegetable Tempura Fritters

This crispy air-fryer corn and zucchini cake is made with a Japanese-style tempura batter. At your next party, serve them with a sesame-soy mayo sauce.

French Toast Fingers

Air-fried French toast is extra crispy. Pour the sweet, creamy condensed milk sauce over the top to make a special breakfast treat.

Salmon croquettes

Croquettes are made from mashed potatoes, flaked salmon, and creamed corn. The panko crumb gets air-fried to perfection.


This new snack idea is also a great finger food. Each crispy parcel contains a combination of pork and shrimp mince. Dip them in our honey sesame easy-to-make sauce, and they will become your favorite air fryer recipes.

Sticky Chicken Bites

This chicken breast is covered in a sweet, gooey, and sticky sauce. It’s irresistible. Serve them with a potato and salad side dish for a full meal.

Cauliflower cheese bites

By cooking these cauliflower pieces in an air-fryer, you can save time and oil. You can serve them as a snack or as a side dish by drizzling the sauce over the top. The smoky flavor gives them a great barbecue taste.

Chicken schnitzel ‘toasties’

Who says toasties need to be made with bread? You can make a delicious sandwich with two pieces of chicken breast coated in panko and ham, melted cheese, and cheese between.

Chicken sticks with cheese

The cheesy sticks can be cooked in 15 minutes. They are a great snack to pack for your kids or yourself.


An air fryer is a great way to make fluffy, delicious doughnuts. We’ll show how to make perfect doughnuts, whether you want them served warm with cinnamon sugar or with Krispy Kreme vanilla glaze.

‘Crunchwrap’ bites

These Mexican crunch wrap bites are easy to make and cook in an air fryer.

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