What Matters Most In Your Glass? “3D-Printable’ Beer Foam Attracts Many Consumers In Japan

  • Beer is the most popular beverage in both the U.S. and Japan. What do you seek in the ideal glass?
  • Many Japanese individuals would suggest it’s because of the foam that’s on top.
  • It might sound odd to people who aren’t Japanese since more foam equals lower beer consumption and, consequently, less value. However, the quality of foam has provided an important competitive advantage within the $33 billion Japanese beer market.
  • The Premium Malt made by Suntory is a perfect example of Japan’s fascination with the foam. The foam of the beer is so smooth and fine yet sturdy that you can even print images on it using a 3D printer made from malt extract. Suntory refers to the character that the foam has, Kamiawa, meaning “foam created by God.” The ideal ratio of foam to beer is 7:3 to get the most delicious taste and aesthetics, according to the company.
  • The Premium Malt’s first came out in 1989. The idea behind the brand is “a beer that you want to meet over and over again like your loved one.” It took some time for the brand to get off until it won the Grand Gold Medal from the world-renowned award ceremony Monde Selection at the end of 2005. Since that time, Suntory has been refining the idea to match the market’s demands, and recently, the focus has been on the amazing foam.

In the year 2018, Suntory started a new campaign to promote the popularity of its foam-focused Premium Malt, and sales soared by 104% over last year. It’s a remarkable figure in light of the general stagnation of the domestic beer market. In 2017, there were around 25,000 restaurants and bars serving the beer. At present, there are 40,000.

  • What is the reason for such a massive success?
  • The campaign is distinctive and unique. The exact number of participants is not disclosed. However, some restaurants and bars are accredited to be “The Master of Kamiawa,” and some have been granted the status of “The Super Master of Kamiawa” by Suntory. The objective is to provide the best quality beer foam.
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  • To be Super Master, you must meet the following requirements: Super Master, you need to meet the following criteria:
    1. The foam displays the greatest creaminess.
    2. The foam’s surface is as gorgeous as silk.
    3. The ratio between the foam and the beer is perfectly even.
    4. The glass is meticulously cleaned to show the sparkles of the beer.
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  • It could sound easy to meet these requirements. However, a slight deviation could disqualify you.
  • For instance, If there’s a bit of oil left from a dishwashing machine on the glass’s surface, The bubbles will become big. Dust particles from the drying cloth could cause damage to the foam, as it evaporates the bubbles quickly. The glass must be set at a 45-degree angle in relation to the specific brand of dispenser to ensure that the bubbles remain present in beer at their optimal degree. A Super-Master is required to adjust the pressure in the keg every hour to accommodate the changing temperature of the room. The dispenser needs to be cleaned every day. (You can see a Super-Master’s procedure on this page.)

Why You Should Care About The Foam

  • Is it worth this level of precision in order to design a beautiful beer head?
  • Perhaps.
  • The ideal foam serves crucial functions as well. It serves as a lid to protect the flavor of the beer and also prevents the beer from oxidizing, which can cause bitterness as well as increase the darkness of color.
  • Customers are able to create their artwork on the foam of beer.
  • Restaurant and bar owners are able to improve their sales by using the foam, too. Suntory launched Ripples 3D printers, which create latte-style artwork onto the. Printing an image is easy; customers can choose one of the pre-programmed options or upload their pictures using their smartphone onto the printing.
  • A bar’s owner, Super Master Kamiawa, states, “Since we started using the printer, revenues have significantly has increased, as customers increasingly purchase several glasses to capture more pictures. They also attract new customers through uploading photos via social media.”
  • Suntory provides a home version of its foam-making equipment known as the Kamiawa Server.


  • Suntory didn’t overlook the needs of consumers. The company has an affordable version of its foam-making equipment, known as the Kamiawa Server. When you attach the handy 4-inch device on the top of the Premium Malt’s bottle, It generates 41,500 vibrating vibrations per second. This produces the ideal foam. It comes with a glass that will keep the foam 20 percent longer than standard glass. It is sold at 980 dollars (about $7) on the Suntory as well as Amazon Japan websites.
  • The Premium Malt’s launch was in the U.S., starting from San Francisco as a test market in the year 2015 before being launched in New York in 2021. To increase awareness of this brand, Suntory will open an e-commerce bar in New York this summer.


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