Ways Bars are Attracting More Customers to Watch the World Cup

  • There’s nothing quite like cheering on your team’s favorite from the stands; however, watching parties, particularly with shared spaces filled with other fans, could be a close second. With the start of the knockout round, don’t lose the chance to make your event an unforgettable experience and make game-day fans loyal customers.

Go Big or Go Home – Break Out the Big Screen

  • The Berlin Fanmeile is able to host more than 100,000 people across two kilometers while telecasting games on large screens. This is more than the majority of stadiums are able to hold. But it doesn’t need to be that big to harness your influence on the crowd. If nothing else, you can recreate the feeling of groups by investing in cinematic screens and great sound that makes the game more impressive than ever if you are able to install a big screen outside to attract more people.

Show Team Spirit – Right on your drinks

  • The idea of giving fans different ways to display the pride of their teams is sure to attract their attention, and this unique cooperation with Budweiser and Ripples will do just that. The beer giant and beverage top media innovator teamed together to record some of the World Cup’s most exciting moments in real-time and print them directly on the beer foam of fans! Goals and game statistics, the participants of matches, fan-generated messages, and much, many more are available in Budweiser’s iconic red shade with flavorless vegetable extracts from plants as an ‘ink.’ The most exciting feature? Fans can take photos of their customized beer and post them on social media to let everyone be able to see exactly where their team’s loyalties lie.

Mix Business and Football – Workday Viewing Parties

  • It’s among the most difficult issues for a fan of football. What should you do when World Cup matches are scheduled during working hours? The team who run the London-based TOCA Social has come up with a clever, joke-filled solution founded on the Watch and Work philosophy. Customers can reserve private booths with colleagues, which include complimentary Wi-Fi and drinks to help ensure “maximum productivity” while the games are streamed onto massive screens in the vicinity. There are even quiet zones to hold meetings.

Amp up the Action – Make it a Party.

  • Change important games into all-out party nights with DJs during half-time and live hosts, dedicated drinks when the house team wins, and more. This method is a great option for everyone, including your company. Fans of teams who lost will be delighted to indulge in a drink. Fans of winning teams will be eager to celebrate, and non-football fans will be able to take in the excitement.

VIP Seats – Upsells and Offers

  • This concept is derived from the VIP box at stadium games. The seats are luxurious, with fancy-tasting menus and top-quality video and audio so that the fans feel like they are playing in the same stadium and even better since they can watch the game in comfort, with a delicious alcohol-based beverage in the palm of their hand. (The photo below shows coffee with our good friends at Coffee Mobil (because the country is Qatar), but you’ll get the picture).
  • Even in the United States, which is where football (football) is only an occasion, we’re witnessing an increase in people turning in bars en masse to support the national team and take part in this exciting worldwide phenomenon. Make every game a memorable and memorable experience for loyal and new ones alike, and they’ll come to the next one – perhaps for the local team. Apply these suggestions to your squad, and might become the man of the match.


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