Spirits Strategies & Innovation Conference

We were thrilled to meet industry leaders during this two-day conference after a hectic year in the Spirits Industry. The Spirits Strategies & Innovation Conference gathers top executives from around the world to share insights and look toward the future.

Ripples CEO Yossi Mehulam gave a presentation, Unleash Your Brand Spirit With Bev-top media Innovation, discussing industry trends and ways to capitalize on consumer behavior through Bev-top engagement.

The presentation will be loaded below. Click here to open a new window.

We then put our money on the line and wowed attendees at our booth in the expo area. We had a great time connecting face-to-face, and 2022 is already on our calendar.

Want more insight? You can also listen to our panel discussion, Trends In The Spirits Industry.


  • Pour the espresso into your mason jar. Pour into your mason jar.
  • Add the maple syrup, spices, and vanilla extract. Whisk until smooth.
  • Pour the mixture into your mug.
  • Steam the milk and make it foamy. Fill the cup up to the top.
  • Choose your favorite Ripples pattern to top off the look.

Emily shared some of her best practices (especially for small businesses without a social media expert on staff – she can relate) and showed off her favorite Ripples customer examples who made their drinks viral around the world.

Watch the entire session on demand.

1. Create a style for your brand

Bring your coffee shop or bar to the digital world. Your fans will recognize your posts if you use consistent colors and topics. Need help getting started? Pick a favorite part of your décor (tile floor, bright blue wall? Choose a favorite piece of your decor (tile floor? Use your Ripple maker to incorporate your logo or holiday greetings, as well as a message you want to share, into your style.

From left to right: Cafe Georgetown Coffee Cartel Bali Cafe Lorees

2. Schedule your posts in advance to ensure consistency.

Consistently posting less means less engagement, which means less impact. This means fewer visitors to your Instagram profile and fewer new eyes on your content. Do not let a busy workweek ruin your efforts. You can use a free online scheduling tool to plan your posts for the week. You can also review all your posts in a group to ensure that they are all consistent with your brand and work well together.

“Most of the people who come to this place saw us on Instagram. They saw photos because they were tagged. This has also helped us to build a strong community on Instagram. In just two months, we’ve gained over 7000 organic subscribers.

Lorees Eid, Owner, Cafe Lorees

Use IG Stories to build community

Use IG Stories to showcase your human side. Your feed will now be beautiful and curated. Enjoy yourself. The stories will automatically disappear after 24 hours, so don’t worry about it. Emily’s video explains more.

Share behind-the-scenes photos of your team or events, highlight menus, or promote your happy-hour special. Create polls. Use cute stickers. Follow your favorite customers and regram any posts about or at your venue.


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