Ranked: the new Cadbury Roses chocolate range

It wasn’t a big deal to me when I heard that Cadbury Roses was going to shake things up, bring back some old flavors, and introduce some new faces while eliminating some fan favorites (RIP peppermint crispy).

Roses are a familiar brand to me, and I have enjoyed them many times over the years. However, I am not a chocolate lover.

It’s cool if it is there. It’s okay if it isn’t. It was only natural that I would be the one to evaluate the new flavors and rank the new guard in order of best to worst.

I used a scientific method to cut each chocolate bar in half, saving the peppermint until last (to avoid blocking my palate), then dive in as my Delicious.com.au co-workers chanted my name. The questions were mostly “Are you crazy?”

This is my own opinion, and I have tried to be as objective as possible.

Although I had a points system in place, this is a closely guarded secret of the industry that I won’t be revealing.

10. Turkish Delight

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Posting on the threads, I just made some enemies. This isn’t really all that.

For my taste, this is a slicker version of the rosewater that has long been a traditional Middle Eastern dessert. It was like eating potpourri to me.

9. Classic Caramel

This was a surprise to me. I usually love hard caramels, but they lack in complexity. Sincerity be told, I just wanted it over.

Although it’s not offensive, I wouldn’t choose this as my first or second choice when looking for sugar.

8. Strawberry Creme

It may cause controversy, but fruit and chocolate don’t go together, even if the flavor is just slightly gritty. This is why the Strawberry Creme is so low.

It has a lot of flavors that are distinctly OTT and border on saccharine.

7. Caramel Deluxe

It is exactly as it says on its box: a runny, slightly salted caramel inside a milk chocolate shell. This is a great treat for Caramello Koalas fans.

The balance is better than the Classic Caramel version, and the texture contrast between the snappy chocolate and the torrential caramel adds interest. Overall, it’s a pleasant experience.

6. Vanilla Nougat

Color me surprised; a nougat actually tastes like almonds. The chewy texture of the Roses chocolate’s nougat is the most intriguing to me. It may not be the best in terms of taste, but it’s the most complex and thought-out.

5. Orange Creme

Another combination that people either love or hate is orange and chocolate.

While I can understand why fans of the Roses Collection might have been demanding the return of Orange Creme in the Roses collection, there’s still so much to absorb.

This is not a chocolate to be taken lightly. This chocolate is packed with citrus, which could cause sensory overload.

4. Milk Chocolate

What is new that you can say? Cadbury milk chocolate is one of the few that nail the simplicity in life. It was a bit confusing to me that it would be included in a box with so much variety.

There must be other flavors more deserving than a simple piece of chocolate if we are willing to sacrifice God-tier ones like Hazelnut Creme crisp.

3. Passionfruit Delight

Passionfruit Delight is a newcomer that has come out of the blue. This dark horse has created a lot of buzz, and with good reason.

The sharp sourness of the chocolate is welcome, as it makes the mouth feel smoother and slower.

2. Peppermint Creme

The creme center of Cadbury Roses is comforting and retro.

Dark chocolate and mint are classic combinations that you cannot ignore, even if the texture may not be the same for everyone.

Roses’ peppermint creme is a bold mint flavor that will leave you wanting more. Bold strokes for everyone. Bold strokes.

1. Hazelnut Swirl

It was first heard here. The crunch and warmth that hazelnuts bring to chocolate is unbeatable. The Hazelnut Swirl deceives.

The Roses chocolate seems to be just another chocolate, but its secrets set it apart.

The buttery richness is complemented by the toasted and crushed hazelnuts, which are scattered throughout. You did great!

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