Lidl first supermarket to use Prevented Ocean Plastic in bottles

Lidl GB announced that they will incorporate Prevented Ocean Plastic in their water bottles for the first time at a UK supermarket.

Lidl GB announced that they will be incorporating Prevented Ocean Plastic in their water bottles. They also said that this is the first UK-based supermarket to implement thisĀ change.

Lidl’s San Celestino Sparkling Mineral Water will be available in stores until July 2023. The bottles contain at least 30 percentĀ Prevented Ocean Plastic, which is plastic that would otherwise have ended up in oceans.

Lidl claims that 12 million bottles are sold each year. The adjustment is expected to prevent 100 tonnes of plastic per annum from entering the oceans.

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Lidl was the first UK retailer to use Prevented Ocean Plastic for food packaging. Lidl has since rolled it out on a variety of its own-brand products, including fresh fish, breaded chicken, sausages, and fruit. It claims that this has prevented more than 15,000,000 plastic water bottles from entering the ocean.

Lidl also has highlighted its efforts to improve the recycling of plastic. The discounter switched to clear caps for its semi-skimmed milk last year with the supplier Muller. In the near future, the discounter will be transitioning to clear lids its entire milk line in partnership with Muller and Cornish Farm over the next two months.

Lidl said that the roll-out of colorless caps will allow for an industry-wide retention of 4,000 tons of bottle tops to be reused within the food sector.

Shyam Unarket is the Head of Responsible Sourcing & Ethical Trade for Lidl GB.

We are proud to announce that we will now be extending Prevented Ocean Plastic in water bottles. We hope that this new product will inspire a wider effort across the industry.



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