Arla Foods explores fibre-based caps for milk cartons

Arla Foods, a dairy cooperative, has teamed with Blue Ocean Closures in order to develop a fiber-based cap that can be used on milk cartons.

Arla Foods has entered into a formal partnership with Blue Ocean Closures to create a fiber-based cap for cartons of milk.

Arla Foods claims that it could be “a first in dairy industry”. It also says it would “reduce Arla’s annual plastic consumption by over 500 tonnes if implemented”.

Arla Foods, in explaining how milk packaging evolved, has noted that the cardboard carton is now being used in many countries. The company even described it as “a near-optimal option in terms of food security and sustainability.”

Food recalls highlight the dangers of commonly consumed food and beverages to human health. They can also be financially and reputationally damaging to the companies involved. Ferrero’s urgent recall of Salmonella-contaminated Kinder Surprise eggs just before Easter 2022 is a memorable example, with thousands of products being pulled from the shelves in a blaze of unwelcome publicity.

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Arla says, “it is time to rethink the small but significant part of the cap.”

Arla’s plastic caps account for approximately 23 percent of its carton plastic. The farmer-owned cooperative is hoping to change things and has set its sights on caps as part of its sustainable packaging strategy.

Arla is partnering with Swedish startup Blue Ocean Closures to develop a solution, which Arla says “could lead the dairy cooperative to introduce the first fiber-based caps on milk cartons.”

This project to explore what could very well be the first fiber-based cap on milk cartons is exciting and shows that we at Arla are constantly looking to improve and lead the transformation of sustainable packaging”, says Chief Commercial Officer Peter Giortz-Carlsen from Arla Foods. The project, which could be the world’s first fiber-based cap for milk cartons, is exciting. It shows how Arla Foods strives to lead and improve sustainable packaging.

Arla revealed that its cap is made from “sustainable FSC fibre material” combined with a thin coating. This was done in collaboration with Blue Ocean Closures, who have extensive knowledge about fiber-based closures. The dairy cooperative claims that it can create a cap using a proprietary, advanced vacuum press. It is ocean-biodegradable, recyclable, and made from sustainable fibers.

Lars Sandberg is the CEO of Blue Ocean Closures. He said, “We are thrilled to work with Arla and act as a leader to create a difference in packaging sustainability.”

“With an increase in fibre content, we will be able to recycle more, starting with Scandinavia, and pave the way for global changes.”

Ocean Blue Closures confirmed that with the funding provided by Arla Foods, the plan now is to develop a fully functional prototype and complete the testing phase before the start of 2024.

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