Formula for the ‘perfect’ fish finger sandwich revealed

The recipe for the best fish fingers sandwich has been discovered. The formula is made up of 4 fish fingers, real butter, two slices of white bread, and Ketchup… along with then cut upside down.

A survey of 2,000 adults who have fish finger sandwiches discovered that 42 percent claimed that this was their favorite sandwich.

According to polls according to the results, the ideal fish finger sarnie also comprised lettuce (21 percent) as well as cheese (15 percent) along with tomato (12 percent).

A majority (43 percent) prefer their sandwiches to be cut with a sideways angle, and there are Fish fingers on both sides of the bread.

However, 30 percent prefer cutting their sarnie in lengthways, which means that all fish fingers are cut and divided in half. Nine percent are even cutting all of their sarnies into triangles.


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Initiated through Birds Eye, The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), and Iceland Foods, which sells MSC-certified products, such as Birds Eye fish fingers, the study revealed that 76 % of people prefer a fish finger sandwich that is made from sustainable-sourced cod.

A spokesperson from the chain of supermarkets stated: “We know our fish fingers aren’t just excellent value, but also taste delicious too, making them a simple and quick food that will delight the entire family.”

“With one third of the world’s fish stocks overfished, it is more important than ever for shoppers to choose seafood from sustainable sources.”

9/10 of people say the fish fingers sandwich is an easy, quick, and cheap food that tastes great.

Additionally, nearly two-thirds (68 percent) expressed concern about making meals more sustainable. However, 62 percent of respondents say they have no concept regarding what sustainable fisheries means.

The “perfect” fish finger sandwich

(Emma Trimble / SWNS)

Positively, 80 percent actually believe that sustainable fishing ensures that fish remain in the ocean, their impact on ecosystems and habitats is reduced, and fishing operations are managed effectively.

But, one in 16 people believe that sustainable fishing only happens every year. This means there’s enough fish in the ocean to feed all of us.

When asked to explain what the meaning behind the blue MSC label, 42 percent of respondents were “unsure.” But 44 percent were right in saying it’s the symbol of sustainability for wild-caught fish as well as seafood.

Over half (55 percent) expressed concern about the impact that their food choices have on the environment. However, they find it difficult to understand and confusing, while 39 percent of the people who participated in the study could not afford the modifications.

An MSC spokesperson said: “The creators of the fish finger, Birds Eye, helped in co-founding the MSC to safeguard the seafood supply. Iceland was awarded MSC UK The Newcomer of the Year in 2020 and has made significant advancements in ensuring the supply of sustainable seafood to its customers.

“And now offers the highest percentage range of MSC certified wild seafood among all UK retailers.”


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A spokesperson from Birds Eye added: “We are extremely proud to work closely in partnership with MSC. Fish is beneficial to our health, so to protect our oceans, the Birds Eye fish range is 100% MSC certified to ensure that the future generations will be able to take pleasure in fish as well.”

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