Brits pay more for wine when trying to impress guests, survey finds

Wine drinkers usually spend around PS9 for an individual bottle. However, they can pay PS12.50 for hosting to impress guests by offering an expensive bottle.

A survey of 2,000 wine drinkers revealed that 44 percent are spending a fortune when hosting Christmas, and this rises to 56 percent when giving gifts to others, and 27 percent believe that premium labels are superior.

However, three-quarters of people will opt for it as they would like a high-end bottle to celebrate an important event, and 35 percent would like to impress guests.

However, 23 percent confess that they find buying wine stressful, and 51 percent of those claim there aren’t enough options to pick from.

The other 46 percent are unable to distinguish the difference between a quality wine and a bad one, and 32 percent are overwhelmed by the language of wine.


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The study was requested by Lidl GB to mark the return of their Chateaux Noir events. They are intended to decentralize wine and challenge assumptions about wine and etiquette by offering an experience of tasting in complete darkness.

The sensory events will see supermarkets tackle major drink brands and aim to break the notion that drinkers must spend a fortune to enjoy a quality drink.

It also revealed that 51 % of wine drinkers remain loyal to what they have learned, and 49 percent decide to purchase a wine based on the country it’s from.

While 45 percent will opt for the cheapest option, 23 percent have a preferred bottle, while 18 percent opt for any label they want to take a look at.

However, 24 percent would like to know more about wine, with almost one-third of them saying they’d play around with various wines if they knew more about the wines they like.

While many people want to try new wines, there are certain guidelines they won’t be able to follow.

For 43 percent, they’re happy to serve white wine alongside dishes that aren’t fish. And 39 percent will enjoy a rose throughout the year.

Most people aren’t concerned about the cork on their bottle or have a screw-top (37 percent), and 35 percent of people consume champagne in all glass types and not only one flute.

More than three-in-ten (31 percent) will chill the wine bottle, and 30% will even put some ice cubes in their wine on a hot day.

In reality, 31 percent of people consider wine etiquette as snobby. Only 8 percent believe that adhering to the traditional rules regarding wine etiquette improves their enjoyment of wine.

The event takes place under the direction of Lidl’s chief winemaker, Richard Bampfield, and will include guests in an “essential palate cleansing tunnel” prior to a space for tasting.

He added: “At Chateaux Noir, not only do we aim to dispel the myths surrounding affordable wine and show consumers that the quality of wine doesn’t depend on expensive branded pricing, but we also want to make people think and question the notions they have in regards to wine.

“So, do you think that you’re only a red drinker? Think twice.

“We’ll discuss how similar flavor profiles can be carried across various categories that you may not have thought about.


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“This Christmas, Chateaux Noir is encouraging shoppers to rip up the rule book and start experimenting – ultimately, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to drink wine – if you love it, then that’s all that matters.”

Over 18s can get tickets to the Chateaux Noir events that will be held in London, Glasgow, and Liverpool in November, with the proceeds going towards the NSPCC.


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