Fantales, sticky pork belly: Most viral recipes of 2023 so far

These are the Recipes that have been liked, commented on, and shared by social media users this year.

These recipes include sweet and savory options for your weekly menu, including homemade versions of the discontinued Fantales that lit up TikTok. They also include the triple-decker choc mint rocky road as well as pork belly cooked in an air-fryer.

10 Minute French onion chicken rice casserole

This chicken and rice dish with a French onion flavor can be on your table in just 10 minutes. This dish has it all: vegetables, carbs, and protein, with lots of golden-brown cheese on top.

Homemade ice-cube tray ‘Fantales’

The Taste Test Kitchen re-created the old favorite when Nestle announced that Fantales would be discontinued.

The ‘Fantales,’ which are made from only seven ingredients, take 15 minutes to prepare.

Slow-cooker braised steak with onions. has made the classic beef dinner easier by cooking it in a crock pot. Slow cooking the onions will give the dish a delicious caramelized flavor.

Kewpie roast potatoes

Mayo is essentially oil, so it melts as it heats, and it bastes the potatoes as they cook. The rice vinegar also gives it a slight tang. Prepare yourself for the most delicious golden potatoes of your life.

Easy Cake: Mix Pineapple

This light, fluffy cake made with butter cake mix is easy to make. The crushed pineapple keeps the cake moist and adds flavor throughout.

Air fryer sticky Hasselback Pork Belly

Since discovered how delicious air-fried pork belly was, the team has become addicted to it. The crackling gets super crispy, but the meat stays tender and moist.

Triple-decker choc-mint rocky road

This stunning rocky-road dessert is perfect for the holidays. It can be served as a sweet treat or edible gift.

Brie cranberry crinkle Pie

You’re not the only one who’s seen crinkle pie recipes all over TikTok. We love this trend. has finally perfected the savory version. Buttery, flaky filo pastry is sandwiched between slices of rich and creamy brie, then topped with sweet cranberry chutney. This is the perfect starter to serve at any event.

Lemon custard rice pudding

This recipe for a winter dessert is a perfect blend of rice pudding with impossible pie. The rice will sink into the bottom of the dish, and if you add creme fraiche or cream to it on top, a custard layer forms. Serve with mascarpone, but creme fraiche and a drizzle of creamy work as well.

Fairy Bread Rocky Road Crack

This dessert is super fun and will please both children and adults. This dessert has a wonderful blend of flavors and textures. It includes colorful sprinkles, which will bring back childhood memories of crunchy crackers and chewy marshmallows, as well as white chocolate.

Aloo tikki (potato cakes)

Aloo tikki are fried potato patties that are stuffed with fresh herbs and spices. Crispy on the exterior, fluffy inside, and packed with flavor. Especially when dipped into a garlic yogurt sauce. These are the perfect side dish or starter for an Indian meal.

Zucchini slice spanakopita

This easy vegetarian recipe is the perfect lunch or dinner. It combines everyone’s favorite savory pie with traditional Greek spinach pies.

Mini raspberry and white chocolate pancakes in an ice-cube tray

Try these frozen cubes to satisfy a sudden craving for pancakes in the morning. The next time your kids want a snack, you can keep them in the freezer. These easy frozen pancakes are also amazing because you can make as many as you like in only 15 minutes.

Cypriot grains salad

This vibrant Cypriot Salad is full of grains, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit and finished with a caper-lemon dressing.

Garlic Bread Ravioli

Why not let your creativity run wild with this garlicky ravioli twist?

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