12 sugar-free desserts to help stave off sweet cravings

These sweet treats are perfect for those who want to quit sugar permanently or reduce their intake.

These desserts, from Delicious.com.au, are made without refined sugar but still sweet.

Chocolate cake with beetroot

Teresa Cutter, a chef at the renowned restaurant The Cutter Group, says that “the simple combination of earthy cocoa powder and dark beetroot creates a cake which is nourishing and delicious for any occasion.”

Top generously with whipped Avocado Frosting. You can also decorate the cake with blackberries or serve it with pears poached with red wine.

I love the idea of adding veggies to cakes so that they are good for you and super moist and tasty.

Flourless Orange Blossom Cake

I used the whole navel oranges – with skin on – to make this beautiful cake. “You simply cook them until they are soft and then blend them together with almond meal, honey, vanilla and other ingredients,” says Ms Cutter.

Polish apple tea cake

This cake is simple but delicious. This cake is filled with apples that have been finely chopped. Every mouthful is pure goodness.

Healthy carrot cakes with yogurt frosting

This is my favorite carrot cake. It is rich in protein and not too sweet. It’s also gluten-free. “I’ve scented it with cinnamon, vanilla, and honey and then generously topped it with my yoghurt icing, figs, and pistachio,” says M.s Cutter.

Rockmelon sorbet with yoghurt and sugar-free

Want guilt-free frozen yogurt? Try this sugar-free yogurt and rockmelon sorbet.

Chocolate and sticky date pudding

Elena Duggan’s version of a sticky date pudding is a warming treat.

Sugar-free vegan stracciatella gelato

This sugar-free, simple stracciatella is packed with crunchy nuts and cacao nibs.

Blueberry and honey curd tart

Do you have a sweet tooth? This fruity dessert is sweetened with honey.

Two-ingredient raspberry sorbet

This sugar-free raspberry dessert is made in just minutes.

Ferrero Rocher protein balls

Shannon Harley’s sugar-free Ferrero Rochers are full of protein and packed with nutrients.

Date Nut Beach Balls

These round, pureed bites of dried fruits, seeds,s, and nuts are perfect with coffee or as an energy snack.


Shannon Harley transforms her favorite Italian dessert into a healthier version by replacing refined sugar and crea with nutritious chia seeds, prunes, and cacao.

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