Tips to Select a Doggy Day Care: A Guide for Pet Parents

Many pet parents in today’s busy world are looking for reliable care. With long working hours and hectic schedules, it is not uncommon to find pets with a lack of attention. Doggy daycare facilities are a great solution. They provide a stimulating and safe environment where dogs can socialize, get exercise, and get the attention they require while their owners are away. Not all dog daycares offer the same services, so choosing the best one is important. This guide will help pet owners select the right doggy daycare for their canine companions by exploring essential tips and considerations, including doggy day care in Perth, WA.

1. How to Assess Your Dog’s Needs:

It’s important to know your dog’s energy level, temperament and socialization requirements before you begin your search for doggy daycare. Some dogs prefer to be in a busy, social environment, while others might prefer a more quiet, relaxed one. You should consider your dog’s size, age, breed and specific medical or behavioral requirements.

2. Finding Daycares to Consider:

Begin your search by asking friends, family and veterinarians for recommendations. Use online resources like review websites and social networking platforms to read testimonials and reviews from other pet owners. You should look for facilities with a good reputation and that prioritize safety and the well-being of canine guests.

3. Visit Facilities:

Schedule visits to the facilities you have selected to learn more about their operations. When you visit, be sure to pay attention not only to the cleanliness but also to safety measures and the general environment. Watch for signs such as proper ventilation, secure fencing and trained staff. To ensure compatibility between dogs, pay attention to the size and division of play areas.

4. Evaluation of Staff Qualifications:

The qualifications and experience held by the staff of a dog day care will determine its quality. Ask about the staff training program, CPR and pet first aid certifications, and if they have experience with dogs of different breeds and temperaments. A reputable dog daycare will have a staff that is compassionate and knowledgeable, and who puts the dogs’ safety first.

5. Understanding Daily Activities:

To ensure that the activities and schedule are in line with your dog’s preferences and needs, ask about the daycare facility’s daily schedule. A good daycare will offer opportunities for play, mental stimulation and rest throughout the day. Ask about the ratio between staff and dogs in order to provide individual attention to each pet.

6. Consider Additional Services:

Many doggy daycares provide additional services, such as training, grooming and enrichment, in addition to the basic care and supervision. Ask about the additional costs associated with these services and decide if they are worth it for you and your pet. Some daycare facilities offer daily reports or webcam access to let pet parents know about their dog’s behavior and activities.

7. Prioritizing safety measures:

When choosing a dog day care facility for your pet, safety should be the top priority. Ask about the facility’s policies on health screenings and vaccinations. Also, ask what their emergency procedures are. To prevent the spread and transmission of diseases, ensure that all dogs must be up to date on their vaccinations. Ask about the protocols that are in place to handle emergencies, such as accidents, injuries or escapes, to ensure staff is prepared to react quickly and appropriately.

8. Trusting your instincts:

In the end, your gut feeling and instincts should guide your decision on whether to trust your dog with a specific daycare facility. Be aware of how you feel when you visit and interact with staff. A trustworthy day care will be open to questions and address any concerns that you may have. They also prioritize communication with pet parents. Don’t hesitate to look at other facilities if something feels wrong.


The decision to choose the best doggy daycare requires research and careful consideration. You can make a good choice by assessing your dog’s needs, researching facilities, visiting them in person, evaluating the staff, understanding daily activities and considering additional services. Your dog will benefit from socialization, companionship, and exercise while you are away with the right care.

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