Pasta, ‘amazing’ char siu, homey Chinese food: favourite Hong Kong restaurants of a UK-schooled chef back working in his home city

Max Wong, who had a background in forensics, learned European cuisine and Italian cooking. He is now the executive chef at Posso in Sheung Wan, on Hong Kong Island. Andrew Sun spoke with him.

I was raised in Hong Kong and moved to the UK at 14 years of age. As I grew, I ate a lot of homey Chinese cuisine. This is my heritage.

Because I love seafood and pasta, I chose to make my restaurant’s cuisine a combination of both. I’m an adventurous eater. Any new food or interesting ingredient, including insects and bugs, is something I will try.

I do like heavy flavors. Cantonese BBQ is my favorite. Dragon State Kitchen (Shop B, 38 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan. Tel: 2342 31189) makes amazing char siu. I order whenever possible. It has a great texture, and it is sweet, smoky, and tender.

Max Wong is the executive chef at Posso in Sheung Wan, an Italian restaurant that specializes in modern cuisine. He has studied European and Italian cuisine. 

I love Japanese food. Kozy OKonomi – yaki Teppanyaki (9/F Circle Plaza, 499 Hennessy Road Causeway Bay). Tel: 2591 1281), offers a casual, family-style teppanyaki. They’re open until 2 am, so they’re perfect for those in our industry.

Enjoy a beer, a highball, or some comfort food such as fried rice. Enjoy the simplicity of flavors and relax. This is my favorite type of food.

Dough Kitchen’s Fukuoka Chicken Tagliatelle. Photo by Roy Issa

Dough Kitchen 21B Brown Street Tai Hang. Tel: 2688 7008 is a shop specializing in pasta. I go there if I want pasta dishes.

I enjoy Cornerstone for other European cuisines (Hilltop Plaza 49 Hollywood Road in SoHo). Tel: 6809 9771). The food is delicious, and the ingredients are very important. They combine Asian and European flavors very well.

I will definitely take new visitors to Tung Po (Konnect, 303 Jaffe Road Wan Chai, 2nd floor). Tel: 2880 9399). Since I was a child, I have been [ going to the now-closed original in North Point]

Okonomiyaki – Pork from Kozy Okonomi Teppan Yaki.

This type of market is deeply rooted in Hong Kong culture and represents a large part of the local cuisine. The food is good, the atmosphere is great, and they have a lot of experience with singing, dancing, and opening beer bottles using chopsticks.

If you want to indulge in Chinese cuisine, I recommend The Chairmen (3rd floor, The Wellington, Central, 198 Wellington Street). Tel: 2555 2202). The most innovative and precise way to present Cantonese cuisine.

If you want to try more European food, I recommend Vea (30/F The Wellington, 198 Wellington Street Central). Tel: 2711 8639). I find it very interesting to eat food that combines cultures. Vea, which combines solid French cuisine and high-end Cantonese using products such as abalones and sea cucumbers, is my favorite.

Vea serves Iwate oyster with Chinese almond and Kristal caviar. Vea Photo

It was only last year that I returned to London after a long absence. I was surprised to find so many new and interesting restaurants that offer a wide range of food from various cultures in both casual and fine dining.

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The first restaurant I’d choose to eat in is Manteca, located at 49-51 Curtain Rd. London. Tel: +44 20 7139 5172), a homemade pasta place. The sauces look amazing. It’s my favorite.

The Guildhall branch of Hawksmoor (10 Basinghall Street) in London is the place to go for a classic British Sunday Roast. The Tel: +44 20397 8120 is a classy, crowded restaurant in a historic building. The sticky toffee dessert is also delicious.

At Posso (12 Kau U Fong, Sheung Wan. We are looking forward to launching our new pasta classes in 2024. These will cover everything from dough to shaping while enjoying wine and Italian snacks. This is a fun Sunday activity to do with friends and family.


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