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You’ve got your target audience nailed and your approach is based on the most cutting-edge practices, and your design is incredibly clever. However, none of this matters when nobody pays attention to your ads and putting a massive budget for media isn’t a guarantee. According to American commercialist William Birnbach, “If your advertising goes unnoticed, everything else is academic”.

By 2022, your business’s biggest goal is to be noticed as one of the most effective methods to be noticed is by introducing new ideas. innovative products immediately come to mind for many consumers, however priceand personalized marketing are also a great way to draw attention to your brand. None of the methods are mutually exclusive which is why there’s no reason to limit your company’s reach to one!

Innovative Product Positioning

Innovative positioning is what that separates you from your competitors, however it doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated. Innovation can be simply as easy as reducing the amount of the amount of information you have to provide or using clever names to create the best value by bringing delight and surprise.

The Freshest Fresh Orange Juice Brand

Millions of orange juice are sold across Europe each day. Intermarche’s most Fresh campaign is able to cut through the crowd with an effective and logical value propthe best method of proving the freshness of the juice is to reveal the exact time and the hour the juice was produced.!

Each bottle is made on site and is able to guarantee that supply meets demand. Each bottle is labeled and printed to reflect the time that it was pressed by hand.


Within the first three days, sales were increased by 4,600% for each store, while the overall traffic in the store increased by 25%. In addition, 50 million impressions on media were created within the first three hours after the launch.

Anything and Whatever

In Singapore in the decade of 2010, Anything and Whatever were a fun set of soft drinks that poked at the non-committal “anything” or “whatever” answers to questions about what they’d like to drink.

The Whatever range was comprised of six different flavorings of non-carbonated teas as well as the range called Anything. It had six flavor combinations of carbonated soft drinks. Since the cans were similar the consumer didn’t know which flavor you’d receive until you tried it.


3.5 millions cans of beer were consumed in a single month in a nation with just 4.5 million!

The product vanished in 2010, and there’s a debate ongoing about whether it was a failure (poor sales once the novelty faded) or if it succeeded beyond the scope of imaging (bought from a frightened competitor.)

Dynamic Pricing

Attracting attention through price innovation isn’t as simple as just lowering prices. Through addressing hot subjects or employing dynamic pricing to react in real-time with what’s taking place in the market, you’re more likely to spark the interest of consumers.

The VAR Discount

Scandinavian electronics store Elgiganten discovered an innovative method to be part of the discussion about this controversial Premier League VAR (Video Assistant Referee). Every time a judge made the VAR signals, they activated discounts of a certain percentage on flat-screen TVs in the moment the signal was sent. 35% off on VARs that were signaled for 35 minutes, for instance. The greatest aspect? They didn’t be required to pay high fees for sponsorships of the league.


Elgiganten has had a total of 10,500 unique visitors as well as 250 customers who were active throughout the match. In less than an hour after the promo began, the company had earned 320,000 EUR in sales on TV.

SWEBUS Train Switch

The Swedish winter months, trains are frequently delayed or even cancelled because of the weather, which leaves passengers waiting in freezing temperatures. Swebus the most punctual public transport used the occasion to “steal” customers from the railroad through the  SWEBUS TRAIN SWITCH campaign.

In the event of a train being delayed, Swebus rewarded customers with coupons for discounted bus rides that were made accessible via a web application. For instance, delays of 4 minutes were worth a 4% discount and cancelled trains earned an opportunity to take a free bus.

There was only one discount ticket produced per train that was delayed and potential customers were required to check the app frequently to find the discount. The combination of constantly bad weather and this built-in feature resulted in a high level of use for the web-based app throughout the campaign.


In the course of the two-week campaign during the 2-week period, 9607 trains were delayed as well as 750 train cancelled. With all the reductions, SWEBUS saw a 6.1 percent increase in revenues.

Personalization at Scale

A personalized experience leads to more of a sense of loyalty and connection -particularly among Gen Z and Y. In fact in buying decisions, nearly 40 percent of millennials consider the importance of personalization and self-expression. crucial. The option for consumers to personalize your productor to change the design to reflect their personal preferences will almost always be sure to get their attention.

What’s Your Whisky?

What’s Your Personal Whiskey developed an interactive questionnaire designed to help people discover their own whiskey flavor profile.

Instead of using jargon which only refer to experts in whiskey instead, they asked questions using video to draw the attention of the user’s sense of smell and taste to help consumers identify their unique flavor profiles.

Nike By You

It’s up to Nike to elevate personalization to an entire different level. Nike lets users pick the model they prefer from among hundreds of options and then create the perfect shoe that best suits their individual preferences! This degree of personalization is unmatched.

The Stoutie

The day of International Stout Day, Guinness and Ripples introduced”Stoutie “Stoutie” at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. The Stoutie is a photo placed on top of an exquisite Guinness pint using Ripple Maker. Ripple Maker gadget. Guinness beer is a great backdrop for printing Ripples images with high resolution. these enjoyable Stouties give Guinness customers with yet another reason to appreciate their stout beer brand that is famous. People love sharing their memorable experiences, especially when it’s designed specifically for them. And they’re delighted to share a message from the brand in the process.

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