Easy and simple ideas to clean your bathroom in 20 minutes

Modern times mean that we lead extremely busy lives. There’s simply not enough time to hunt for items that have disappeared or clean or organize spaces to make it a more functional and efficient home. That’s why it’s crucial that we figure out ways to keep our home neat and tidy in a manner that’s more efficient and requires significantly less time.

Homify, a service of Homify, we have compiled 7 tips that you can work on to ensure that your home stays neat and tidy. This will allow you to have more time with family and friends taking pleasure in the comforts of your living space rather rather than tidying it. Particularly if you have a large family or love entertaining, these suggestions are extremely helpful!

Get rid of off your bathroom of bacteria that lurk in the bathroom with these tips that are guaranteed to succeed. It’s not as difficult as you think. Just follow these seven steps to make each area of the bathroom shine in just 20 minutes!

Cleaning the tiles, walls, and ceiling

If you’re looking for an easy method to wash the bathroom in one go, This is the best solution. Spray the walls, tiles, and ceilings of your bathroom using a multi-purpose cleaner. The shower will be turned on shortly after that, turning it up until the steam is formed. You should wait for five minutes, then shut off the water. Close the door when you go out, and let the steam and cleaner mix for approximately 20 minutes. Clean all surfaces using an uncluttered cloth. You can use a dry, clean microfiber mop for reaching high places.

Eliminate all that grout

Grout is the term used to describe the accumulation of dirt within the cracks of the tiles in the bathroom. This is the case for the bathroom’s wall and flooring. If you’re tired of spending all day cleaning every crevice, isn’t the best option for you, this method will give you the needed relief that you are looking for. All you have to do is put a grouting brush into bleach and then scrub areas that have become discolored. Make sure you rinse it thoroughly immediately afterward and air-condition the room.

Make sure you wash the towels in the correct method

To clean your towels, you can use the sanitizing settings in the washroom. If you don’t have the option to do this, you can opt to wash your towel with bleach. Be sure to wash your towels every three to four days. Make sure to wash the towel bar too.

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Check that the toilets are sparkling and clean!

To wash the toilet, begin by pouring a teaspoon of baking soda into the bowl. Set it aside for a couple of minutes before you scrub and flush! If you’re still seeing spots, use the pumice stone, which is damp and abrasive enough to eliminate staining results of mineral deposits as well as lime scale.

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Make sure to remember the bathroom vent

To clean the vent in the bathroom, you’ll have to switch your circuit breaker. The cover should be removed as soon as possible and then soaked in warm water and dish soap. Use the nozzle attachment on your vacuum to clean the dust off the fan’s blades. Then wipe them clean with a damp towel. Get rid of the dust from the motor as well as other places using a clean, stiff paintbrush. Once it’s dry, remove the cover.

Place everything in the proper location

Keep your cosmetics, toiletries, and similar items in their appropriate places that could be in the cabinet for medicine or drawers in your bathroom. Make sure you get rid of any dirty towels and bathmats before throwing them into the washing machine.

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