Cricket takes the cake!

Cricket-themed cakes have been made in Lucknow for various occasions, including birthdays and kids’ parties. CRICKET THEMED BIRTHDAYS

When your birthday coincides with a match, you can celebrate twice as much, which is aptly reflected in the cakes. “We get almost every second order for a World Cupcake these days. The cakes are usually for children’s birthday parties. However, sometimes they’re also ordered by fathers for their birthdays.

“Cricket-themed birthdays are celebrated for almost all birthdays that fall during the World Cup. The demand for customized cricket cakes has risen dramatically as India progresses in the tournament. In the last few days, we have made a lot of photo cakes featuring Indian cricketers. Virat Kohli has become the favorite, even more so than Dhoni,” Rumil Jawrani from Walnut Bakery says.

Sakshi Bhandari is a 30-year-old homemaker who ordered a birthday cake with a cricket theme for her ninth birthday-son. My son and my husband are both cricket fans. Sakshi says, “I ordered a chocolate stadium cake for my son’s recent birthday.


Lucknowites celebrate Indian victories with the same enthusiasm, even if they are not celebrating a birthday or an anniversary. “My friends and I watch every World Cup match that India plays. To celebrate India’s win, we pre-ordered a cake. We’re hoping that the semi-final will be as successful. Vishal Pandey is a distributor of pharmaceuticals and a cricket fan. He laughs, “I hope we don’t have to throw out the cake today.”

The city’s bakeries have also received pre-orders for the semi-final match against Australia. “When India won the first group match against Pakistan, an MNC executive ordered a fondant cake for a celebration at his office. Jasjeev Kohli of JJ Bakers says that the cake was in the form of a cricket field. “Youngsters have placed orders with us for customized cakes to celebrate India’s victory,” he adds.
“People have already submitted their designs to us for the Semi-Final, but these are subject to In dia winning.

We’re supposed to proceed with the order if India wins. So we’re keeping ourselves prepared,” shares Rumil. Special desserts for the occasion. Special products have been added to the menus of city bakers in response to World Cup fever. Tanushree Gupta of Mr. Brown Bakery says that they used only to make cakes on order for the World Cup. However, since India reached the semi-finals in the World Cup, they now have World Cup-themed cakes available at their outlets. “We’ve created a range of special desserts with chocolate replicas of the World Cup Trophy on each one. This is our World Cup Special this time,” says Rumil.

Aarti Vaid of Buttercup Bungalow has prepared a special screening of the match in her tea room. She also created products to celebrate the occasion. Aarti Vaid, owner of Buttercup Bungalow, has prepared special cupcakes with stumps and bats, a ball, the Indian flag, as well as other products for the occasion.

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