Clubs in Auckland

Auckland Clubs

Auckland clubs come alive as soon as the sun goes down, bringing electronic music to the city and creating a great atmosphere. There are so many different music genres and DJs from around the world.

List of 7 Clubs located in Auckland

  • Pointers Bar and Grill in Auckland

Pointers Bar and Grill has a good reputation for being fun, acceptable, and legitimate. It’s almost like having friends over. The atmosphere is casual and easygoing. This is a great place to meet people for unrecorded songs and certain drinks.

The club scene is not a place for those who are snobbish.

  • Saturday Britomart, Auckland

You can now enjoy your after-work drinks and move until morning on Saturdays. The emphasis is on having fun and not paying too much attention to yourself. Praise your evenings like they are the best of the week.

Racket/Orleans is now 48 Customs Street East. The bar will be open for drinks after work and continue until early Saturday morning.

Electric Chicken deserves our gratitude for everything they do, but especially their Burger and Beer on Friday deal.

Choose from four different burgers and a beer for only $20.

  • Sapphire Nightclub, Auckland

Sapphire NightClub is known for its exceptional mixed drink list and its amazing selection of specialty lagers each month. They will help you kick off the event! Spend your money on the dance floor or a delicious mixed drink. Or, gather in the exclusive zone. Invest your energy in Sapphire, and you will have a great night in the heart of the city.

  • Cassette Nine, Auckland

Cassette is a relaxed and attractive late-night spot that uses local produce in its delicious food menu. The meal pumpkin plate with mixed greens and unfenced chicken is a must-see. Gourmet burgers are also available. We barely have room for our New York cheddar cake. It’s perfect for a snack or to satisfy your cravings for at least 4 hours.

The vegan menu is a real treat for the taste buds.

Cassette transforms into a visual-aural dining experience in the evening. The swell crowd of people who love to have fun will enjoy the roaring success of entertainment. DJs and local and international groups can perform at any time of the week.

Auckland Travel Packages

7 Days/6 Nights

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13 Days/12 Nights

Marvels of Auckland Rotorua and seven other places

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Romance in Auckland Rotorua and two other places

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  • Face Nightclub in Auckland

Face Night Club is located in the heart of Chancery Square and offers the best entertainment, food, and drinks to those who are looking for a fun night out.

  • Impala, Auckland

Located in the Southern Insurance Building’s basement on Shortland Street, the space is a much-needed music-centric, entertainment-focused bar.

The team took over the space that was formerly CODE and restored its original layout, upgraded all other aspects of the club, and created the best new space possible for Auckland’s nightlife.

Impala revitalized this iconic location by leveraging the strengths of the space and recreating some of its old magic. This includes creating the ideal venue for music with no compromises on sound quality.

Impala is unlike any other bar or club in the city. It has the look, sound, and feel of an international venue. People who love music and the nightlife can experience it here.

  • Roxy, Auckland

The Roxy is a bar and parlor with a luxury Hollywood vibe. It was once a performance center. The Roxy, a bar and parlor that has a luxurious Hollywood vibe, is ideally suited for an after-work drink or a night out with top local and international DJs.

The Roxy is known for its housetop deck that offers a breathtaking view of midtown. The Roxy’s housetop deck, which offers stunning views of the midtown city horizon, is a special feature.

The stairwell is located off Fort Lane. You can either take the lift or the stairwell to reach the first floor. Split level, higher deck, and mezzanine are the perfect places to relax. You can dance the night away with the best DJs in the world and the top neighborhoods on the lower-level dance floor, or you can book a stall for the evening on the mezzanine starting at 11 pm.

  • Panzerotti

Panzerotti, or calzoni fritti, is a popular snack in southern Italy. It originates from Puglia. The crescent-shaped pastry is stuffed with a variety of fillings. Tomatoes and mozzarella are two classics. Other combinations include olives, onions, and tomatoes; spinach, mozzarella, and ricotta; zucchini; and prosciutto. You may also find sweet mixes that combine ricotta or custard cream with strawberries, pears, peaches, prunes, apples, and more.

  • Olive Ascolana

Olive Ascolana, or Olive all’ascolana, is a popular appetizer from the Ascoli Piceno area of Le Marche that dates back to 1800s. The dish is made by removing the pits from green olives, also known as Ascolano, so that they can form a ball around the meat. This could be chicken, beef, veal or pork. After being sauteed in sofrito (a mixture of diced vegetables), the heart is ground and stewed with white wine. It is then mixed with cheese. Finally, the olives are rolled in breadcrumbs and egg to be deep-fried. It goes well with white wine, lamb chops, or aperitifs.

  • Sfincione

Sfincione, a Sicilian flatbread or pizza, is typically served at New Year’s and during San Giovanni’s feast. This dish uses a flatbread with a fluffy and dense crust. It is then topped with an oregano-flavored tomato sauce that includes anchovies and onions.

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