Best vegetarian, meat and fish burger recipes from delicious

Burgers are the perfect way to end a relaxing evening. Homemade burgers add that extra touch. caters to all burger preferences, whether you prefer fish, meat, or vegetarian burgers.

Here are some meatless options that you can’t miss, along with some delicious recipes for beef, lamb, or chicken burgers.


Vibrant chickpea Burgers

Anjum Anand’s chickpea hamburgers will keep your next dinner party lively. Your guests will be begging for more.

Jamie Oliver’s epic bean burger

This veggie burger is very tasty. The texture is lovely because some beans are blended while others remain whole. Jamie suggests that you make this dish vegan by omitting yogurt and feta.

Shannon Bennett’s vegetarian hamburger

Shannon Bennett’s beetroot & chickpea Burgers are a healthy way to eat fast food.

Haloumi Hash Burgers with Kale Aioli

This isn’t your typical veggie burger. Instead of processed patties, opt for a homemade halloumi burger with a spicy Sriracha and earthy aioli.

Zucchini Fritter Burgers

These virtuous veggie burgers are stuffed with feta and parmesan, as well as crisp chickpea patties. They taste utterly decadent.

Haloumi and pumpkin burgers

This Middle-Eastern-inspired burger is an excellent vegetarian alternative to a meaty hamburger.

Tempura burgers with spicy tomato sauce

Shannon Bennett: “This is the perfect way to make a hero out of this standout eggplant that we grow here.”

Haloumi and mushroom burgers

In 30 minutes, you can prepare a delicious vegetarian meal that will delight the entire family.

Roasted Cauliflower Burger with Goat’s Cheese Cream

The burger is easy to make and delicious. Martin Nordin’s recipe.


Fish burgers in beer batter with tartare iceberg salad

Fish burgers, with their crunchy coating and mayo, are a regular at our home. The fluffy bun and silky mayo are the perfect match. This slaw is a classic combination of two iconic ingredients in burgers: pickles and iceberg lettuce. “I am all about it.”

Barramundi Burgers with Tartar Sauce

This barramundi burger has avocado, watercress, and tartare sauce on top.

Fish burgers

It’s too cold to go to the beach. This easy, breezy recipe will bring the taste of summer to your weekend. This is an excerpt from Surfing the Menu – Next Generation by Dan Churchill & Hayden Quinn. (Published in Simon & Schuster for $49.99) and is available at bookshops across the country.

Tempura Fish Burger

Making quick pickles can be a great way of using up leftover vegetables. “Use whatever vegetables you have on hand. Carrot, cabbage, onions, or cauliflower are great choices” – Colin Fassnidge.


Big Mac Burger Recipe

Recreate your favorite McDonald’s burger using our Big Mac Recipe, which includes the secret sauce.

Chicken burger with salt and vinegar crust

I love a good burger. “This ticks all of the boxes. Starting with a secret in the crumb… salt and vinegar chip.”

The Full Monty Burger

Lucy Tweed’s great Aussie Burger is a must at any BBQ.

Hayden Quinn’s chicken burger

Every bite will transport you to an American road trip.

Juicy Chicken Burger

Satay chicken. In a hamburger. Say no more.

Jamie Oliver’s Aussie-style burger

Nothing is more satisfying than biting a burger. Jamie Oliver’s version features beetroots in season, served two ways.

Anthony Puharich’s ultimate cheeseburger

My burger hack? “Always remember to work with chilled meat and cold hands” – Anthony Puharic.h

Matt Preston’s Korean Brisket and Kimchi Burger

Matt Preston loves street food. Here, he mixes Korean kimchi and a Western classic that has stood the test of time: the humble hamburger. What is the result? The result?

Portuguese Chicken Burger

Give your classic chicken burger a fiery, flavourful Portuguese twist.

Mexican-style turkey burger

You can transform leftover roast turkey into a delicious midweek meal with a few pantry essentials.

Posh cheeseburgers

The humble cheeseburger is elevated to a new level with thin slices of rare roast meat, sweet onion jam, and oozy melted mozzarella.

Lamb Burgers with Feta, Mint, and Yogurt Dressing

These lamb burgers with a Greek influence are ideal for entertaining guests, a family meal, or an outdoor barbecue.

Herby veal and pork burger with avocado Aioli

Hayden Quinn: “Add herbs to your burgers for a colorful makeover.”

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