Are ‘naked’ cakes and water cakes the future of dessert?

One of the food trends that has emerged this year is the trend for a variety of new foods and beverages. Gastronomic delights: That’s really going against tradition. Dessert! That’s right. ‘Naked Cakes, The sweetest course at weddings, parties, and other celebrations, is increasing. ‘

What are they?

Now, don’t think naughty things. It has nothing to do with being naked. The cakes are not covered in buttercream and have unfrosted sides. They are a lighter version of the cake you are used to. You can use whatever ingredients you want, such as dulce de lache, salted caramel, nuts, fusion flavors, etc., as they are a bit healthier. Chefs also love to decorate them with edible flowers and fresh fruits. Angelina Jolie, You can also find out more about Brad Pitt. They had a naked wedding cake.

Water Cakes that disappear within 30 minutes!

Japanese water cake

What’s that large blob on your plate of water? It’s not a napkin you should use to wipe the water off your plate. This desert, also known as Japan’s Cronut, has been causing long lines around the block. Called Mizu Shingen Mochi. It’s a transparent rice cake with syrup. Kayako The flour is made from roasted soybeans. If you don’t finish it within 30 minutes, the futuristic dessert will disappear! The delicate cake will disappear after 30 minutes. Mizu, The shape of the (made from slightly solidified Japanese Water) will change. Although it may look like a puddle, this drink is super tasty and looks cool.

You can also get jelly-based ones.

They’re not just visually pleasing, but they also taste delicious! Will you be tucking into these popular party dishes this New Year’s? It’s a ‘Freakshake,’ not a milkshake.

Freakshake, anyone? 

This monstrous shake will make you forget about your diet. The calorie-laden freakshake is made up of a mixture of milk, caramel, chocolate sauce, brownies, buttercream, sprinkles, and more. The dessert was a hit in Australia, and now it has made its way to Mumbai to the delight and surprise of Instagrammers and foodies. It has become so popular that people have experimented by adding various ingredients to coffee in order to make a ‘freakaccino!

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