World Cup Parties Worldwide


The world’s fans are in awe of the World Cup. World Cup every year, and every brand on the planet makes use of Ripples to improve the excitement of the tournament.

Espresso Mobil

One of our most favored Coffee Caterers was in the middle of all events, delivering lattes in the VIP lounge during the World Cup Finals!

Find out more about Espressomobil here.

Guinness Korea

Guinness Korea is the official sponsor of the South Korean National Team; Guinness Korea served STOUTIES with images of the players and custom World Cup content at more than a dozen bars in Seoul.


Fan Festivals were held on three continents; we were thrilled to be part of AB InBev’s Global Activation, with drinks with the player of the game and live score updates and the most popular players. This post is on Instagram with 56K views and growing.


This vibrant, antioxidant-rich Latte is a great way to breakfast to kick off your day. Then, top it off with Ripples print to activate your senses. Ripples print that will stimulate all your senses


  • Serve Sanbitter to the top of the glass by using Ice
  • Pour the orange juice slowly over the spoon’s back for an effect of layering, but leave a minimum of 10 cm from the top of the glass.
  • Cool froth 20ml orange juice with a small amount of aquafaba. Place it gently on the edge of your beverage. Fill up to the top.
  • Serve with the Ripples Print and Serve!

Ripples Co-Founder and CEO Yossi Meshulam explains how you can increase the sales of beverages and create memorable experiences at your events.

CFE: What is the reason why catering companies and planners of events invest in a Ripple Maker?

It’s an immediate return on investment. We have lots of mixologists, caterers, and coffee carts making use of our technology. It’s an additional item to sell these businesses. It’s affordable technology, and, in many instances, they will reap the benefit in two events.

With Ripples catering, caterers are more of a strategic element in an occasion. They’re more than just a food and beverage partner. You’re offering clients an opportunity to spread messages, generating hundreds of photographic opportunities.

Final thoughts on ideas for cocktail garnishes

These ideas will inspire you to the numerous possibilities and opportunities garnishes for cocktails can bring to your business. Please make use of them in creative ways to distinguish yourself from your competition and attract your target audience. You’ll leave them with an excellent taste in their mouths.



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