What is the Burger King Thailand ‘Real Cheeseburger’? The bizarre creation

The new burger is made of a bun that contains the equivalent of 20 pieces of American cheese and absolutely nothing else.

Burger King’s new item is different from what you think. 


Burger King’s latest menu item has caused quite a stir on the internet.

A chain’s Thai branches have created an uproar by serving a unique food item that no one expected.

What’s the newest item?

If you imagine it as accurate, the newest “burger” is a bun topped with 20 slices of American cheese, and the rest is just a gimmick.

The Thai variant of Burger King has been described as “the real cheeseburger” on social media.

“Not for fun; this is for real!” A post from July 9 on the Official Burger King Thailand Facebook reads.

The limited-edition sandwich was launched on Sunday. It retails for 109 Thai dollars ($3.14), which is a bargain compared to the standard cost of 338 dollars ($10.95) for cheeseburgers.

Customers can also order additional cheese if they need more slices – 20 baht for two pieces.

A food writer Richard Barrow tried the burger and wrote: “A trend in Thailand is to use cheese on practically everything. Then Burger King joined in with the authentic cheeseburger. Although I believe they’ve forgotten the meat.

“I love cheese, but I was struggling to eat even a small portion of this burger. Perhaps it’s time to grill the second portion? What are your thoughts?” he wrote.

Will the “Real Cheeseburger” come to the UK?

If you love cheese If you like cheese, then you’re wondering if the item is available at your local store.

Unfortunately, it’s not so.

A spokesperson from Burger King said the item will be only available for a short period until July 13 and “will not be featured in any Burger King location outside of Thailand,” according to The Independent.


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