What Is a Wind Mitigation Inspection

What is a Wind Mitigation inspection?

Wind mitigation inspections are visual assessments of the home’s ability to resist damage in a storm. A licensed general contractor or architect, an engineer, a building inspector or a home inspector will examine your home’s features and note how well it can withstand the wind. They may also suggest improvements to make it more wind-resistant.

Why should I get one if they’re not required?

The hurricane season runs from June 1st until November 30th, but it does not take a named storm to cause damage to a house. Vents and poorly sealed windows can allow water to enter. Roofs can be detached by strong winds. Even a small roof leak can cause thousands in damage, particularly if you don’t notice it.

The wind mitigation report not only looks at the current ability of your home to withstand the wind but also lists the steps you can take to reduce the amount of damage that occurs during a storm. This report can be used to determine the priority of home improvement projects such as replacing your roof or installing new windows.

Wind Mitigation Credits

Wind mitigation credits are offered by homeowners insurance companies to reduce your premiums.

Tampa law requires insurance companies to offer discounts on home insurance if a structure passes a wind mitigation test. The discount you receive will depend on the rating of your home during the inspection. You may be eligible for extra credits if you recently replaced your roof. The new roof will meet the latest code.

The savings can reach up to 88% on your hurricane and wind insurance premiums. This is a significant amount of money, and the inspection costs are far less than the actual cost.

If you want to receive the wind mitigation discounts your report has to be no older than five years, even if nothing in your home has changed. If you’re unsure if your wind mitigation report will expire, check with your agent. The inspector will also be able to give you suggestions on items that are not up to code and other wind mitigation measures you can implement to increase your discount.

Ignorance is no bliss when it comes to protecting the home from wind damage.

It is good to know that an inspection will not increase your insurance premium, but only decrease it. A wind mitigation inspection is a no-risk procedure. You either receive a substantial insurance discount, or you gain valuable information on how to protect your home from the next hurricane. There will always be another hurricane.

Wind Mitigation Checklist

What happens during an inspection for Wind Mitigation in Tampa?

During the walk-through your home inspector will inspect different areas of the house, including:

Roof coverings and installation (either Tampa approved or allowed installation for discount).
Roof-to-wall ties,
Roof deck attachment,
Windows and doors are required to be protected in areas with wind-borne debris >140 km/h.
Discounts on garage doors (both WBDR and pressure protection).
Secondary water resistance
Roof Shape
Documentation of dwelling conditions such as the style of roof design.
Checklist to ensure your home is thoroughly checked for any possible entry points of water or wind.

The conclusion of the article is:

There is no reason to not get a wind mitigation check, even though it is an optional inspection.

Your home should be the most safest place for you and your loved ones to deal with storms. You never know when a hurricane or a big thunderstorm will strike in Tampa. Through pictures, videos, or even our own eyes, we’ve seen homes torn down after a major hurricane.

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