Travel Cafe Bucket List – Best Cafes To Haunt When Travelling In India

Travel Cafes in India to Chill Out in!

What is the one thing that can heal all the blues of this world with a single swish of a wand? The magical answer is a cafe! Boring afternoon? Head to a restaurant. Are you meeting long-lost friends? Head to a restaurant! Work from home, but it started getting lonely? Head to a restaurant! Date night? Take your pick – casual date or fancy date? Again, Head to a restaurant! Restaurants for every mood also mean that there are several kinds of restaurants worth picking. Also, boy, have you spotted a travel cafe at the must-see destinations of India? Name any one attribute – be it food, ambiance, interiors, or overall feel, the travel cafes in India are your walk-in to awesomeness, no matter whether you’re traveling or are in your familiar hometown.


Here is the list of 55 Travel Cafe Bucket List – Best Cafes To Haunt When Travelling In India

1. Shiva Cafe – A travel cafe in India at the foothills of Dharamsala

Tucked away from the prying eyes of the world, this nondescript cafe overlooks the Bhagsunath Falls. A two-kilometer trek along the gurgling waters of the Bhagsu Rivulet will take you there. The interior of this travel cafe teleports you back to the 60’s era of the hippies with its psychedelic artwork. Location: Bhagsu Nag Waterfall Pathway, Dharamsala Must Try: Pasta and Pancakes Cost for two: INR 500

2. McLLo Cafe, Mcleodganj

A dazzling red signboard in the midst of the bustling town will definitely catch your eye after sundown. Located in the market square, this rooftop travel cafe in India offers a vantage point to observe life at McLeodGanj. Grab a window seat at McLlo, pick from a wide array of cocktails or sumptuous snacks that it provides, and watch the world go by below you. Location: City center, McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala Must Try: Butter Chicken Cost for two: INR 1000/-

3. Shiv Shanti Cafe: An amazing travel cafe in Kasol

The idyllic town of Kasol is no stranger to backpackers and hippies. Retaining the essence of this town is Shiv Shanti Cafe. This is a chilled-out travel cafe in India filled with colorful lights and low-rise wooden tables where you can sit and enjoy the crisp mountain air. Location: Parvati Valley, Kasol Must Try: Israeli food Cost for two: INR 500/-

4. Cafe 1947, Old Manali

With live music and dishes named after famous metal bands such as ‘Slayer Pizza’ and ‘Burger of Bodom,’ Cafe 1947 is truly a haunt for music lovers. Located on the banks of the River Manalsu, this quaint travel cafe perfectly encapsulates the charm of old Manali with its dimly lit interiors and cozy ambiance. Location: Old Manali, near the bridge on the way to Manu Temple. Must Try: Mutton burger with side salad and Veg Pasta with cheesy garlic bread. Cost for two: INR 1000/-


5. Drifter’s Cafe, A traveler’s tour in Old Manali

Living up to its name, Drifter’s Cafe is a regular meet-up point for travelers and is always buzzing with activity and excitement. It is best known for its breakfast offerings, and the chefs will also customize food at this travel cafe in India to indulge your taste buds. Location: Manu Temple Road, Old Manali Village Must Try: All pizzas Cost for two: INR 350/-

6. Oh Magic Cafe, Kasol

Oh, Magic Cafe is located a little away from Kasol in a small village called Challal. It is a semi-open space that offers a breathtaking view of the Himalayan slopes lined with ubiquitously spotted coniferous trees and the mighty Parvati River. Catering to the palates of the gamut of travelers who visit Kasol every year, this travel cafe in India offers Israeli, Italian, and Indian cuisine. Location: On the way to Challal, Kasol Must Try: Paranthas Cost for two: INR 400/-


7. Wake and Bake Cafe, Shimla

The moment you walk into this cafe, it will envelop you in its warmth and radiance. Wake and Bake Cafe is located on the 2nd floor of a building at Mall Road and overlooks the busy street of Shimla on one side and the valley on the other. The waffles, pancakes, and crepes are a must-try here. Location: 34/1, Mall Rd, The Mall, Shimla Must Try: Creamy Herb Chicken Cost for two: INR 700/-

8. The 60’s Cafe, Rishikesh

A cafe with a title as interesting as its tagline, ‘Let’s’ Roll it Again,’ this is the perfect place to satiate the hippie in you. The walls are adorned with the frames of Jim Morrison and the Beatles that lend it a classic look. Soak in the spiritual air of Rishikesh and then spend a quiet evening in this travel cafe in India listening to the 60’s playlist while you enjoy the spread that it offers. Location: Paidal Marg, Tapovan, Hanuman Mandir, Rishikesh Must Try: Lasagna Cost for two: INR 400/-

9. Cafe, By the Way, Mussoorie

An unpretentious-looking travel cafe on Mall Road, this place offers a range of coffees and shakes to die for! You can lounge on the sofas or perch yourself on one of the ‘scooter’ seats while you dig into any of their desserts, and your purpose of visiting Mussoorie shall be fulfilled! Location: Opp. Baskin Robins, 1st Floor, The Mall, Mussoorie Must Try: Oreo Shake, Blueberry Shake Cost for two: Rs 400/-

10. Backpackers Cafe, Chandigarh

Since its inception in 2007, Backpackers Cafe has successfully carved a niche for itself in Chandigarh’s social circuit with its all-day breakfast menu. The travel artifacts and newspaper format menu, along with a plethora of English breakfast dishes, helped this cafe to break away from the clutter of ‘dhabas’ and pin itself on the backpacker’s map of travel cafes in India. Location: 16, Inner Market, Sector 9D, Near Chandigarh Dance Academy, Sector 9, East, Chandigarh Must Try: Caramel Cheese Cake Cost for two: INR 1200/-

11. Namaste Cafe, Gokarna

Balmy air, resounding waves, and lip-smacking seafood are all it takes to make a perfect beach holiday. Located at the famous Om Beach, Namaste Cafe is the ideal place to chill. Indulge all your gastronomic cravings with a range of local seafood delicacies that this travel cafe offers. Location: Om Beach Road, Gokarna Must Try: Banana Pancake Cost for two: INR 800/-

12. Mango Tree Cafe, Hampi

Located near the Virupaksha Temple in the main Hampi bazaar, Mango Tree Cafe has an earthy setting, bringing you closer to the rustic charm of Hampi. The Tungabhadra River runs close by, lending this travel cafe in India a soothing atmosphere. Must Try: Special thali and Coconut Lassi Cost for Two: INR 500/-

13. Dyu Art Cafe, Bangalore

Dyu is short for ‘Dviti’ in Sanskrit, which means brightness. Living up to its name, Dyu Art Cafe oozes brightness and vibrancy. This travel cafe, despite being located amidst the hustle and bustle of Bangalore city, offers an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Location: Koramangala, Bangalore Must Try: Classic chocolate cake Cost for Two: INR 400

14. Cafe Des Artes, A humble travel cafe in Pondicherry

Comfortable colonial furniture, an open garden, and free Wi-Fi accompanied by French dishes such as sandwiches, baguette, and croque-monsieur makes it an ideal travel cafe for anybody who wishes to spend a quiet evening alone. Location: 10 Suffren Street, White Town, Pondicherry Must Try: Crepes Cost for two: INR 800

15. Gatty’s Cafe, Darjeeling

A must-visit spot for any backpacker who visits Darjeeling, Gatty’s Cafe is the only place in this laid-back town that has a pulse post-9 pm. You can watch a movie with your friends in their lounge or enjoy karaoke and live music as they serve you some delicious pasta and ravioli from their kitchen. Location: Below Omni Guesthouse, T V Tower, Dr. Zakir Hussian Road, Darjeeling Must Try: Spaghetti Al Pomodoro Cost for Two: INR 600

16. Glenary’s Bakery and Cafe, Darjeeling

Glenary’s is the perfect place to start your mornings with its myriad offering of breakfast options. This pretty little travel cafe in India has comfortable seating where you can relax and enjoy the view of the mountains. Location: Nehru Road, Ganeshgram, Darjeeling Must Try: Meat pie Cost for Two: INR 250/

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