The UK’s best seaside ice cream shops to visit this summer, from Dorset to Morecambe

The Harbour Bar, Scarborough

The Alonzi family has enjoyed authentic Italian Ice cream at Scarborough for over a decade, since the end of the century. On a summer day, you’ll see the proprietor Giulian Alonzi in the back, making 500 liters every hour. Get delicious chocolate and vanilla flavors and sweet sorbets with fruit flavors.

Di Polas, Hastings

Near Hastings Old Town and many seafront chippies, this delicious Italian Gelato is the ideal dessert for a post-seaside supper. It even comes with an emollient pea flavor. Other flavors include retro run, cappuccino, raisin, apple crumble, salted peanut, and banoffee, all made by hand in the house with seating inside for those who want to take a bite away at seagulls that are swooping.

The Genoa Cafe, Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland

Sunshine is welcome but not essential (Photo: Tomas Rodriguez/Getty)

Since 1910 the ice cream shop near Carlingford Lough has been an absolute hit for local families and visitors. Inside is an ice cream shop and a Burger bar that has a comfortable seating area. The flavors available in the cabinet include chocolate mint and vanilla, or go to sample the Guinness Gelato.

Rossi’s Ices, Weymouth, Dorset

Don’t settle for standard vanilla, and let the flavor of the cooked milk shine. Since 1937 Four generations of the family of Figliolini have been serving their hand-crafted ice creams on the beachfront. Enjoy cones, melbas, and the knickerbocker glory in seasonal flavors from April through October.

Mermaid of Zennor, St. Ives, Cornwall

The family’s farm that overlooks the town of Zennor is the source of the milk used to make the Moomaid Ice Cream. Parlors are found all over Cornwall, and to keep with their origins, each cone is decorated with a scoop of cream clotted. The flavors are unique, such as cherry and almond, but not overly snarky. Be on the lookout for seagulls circling in the distance.

Boho Gelato, Brighton

The ice cream purists should stop right now. Seb Cole’s Gelatiere and team offer vegan Gelato and Italian Ice Cream. With an approach similar to Willy Wonka, they’ve sold over 500 flavors since they opened in 2010. Expect to find 24 at any given time, such as cardamom, beetroot, hibiscus, and tequila with caramelized sauce, proof that there’s no vanilla in this place.

Lickety Split, Seaham, County Durham

You’re never too old for a treat (Photo: Westend61/Getty)

Since its inception, this charming café and juice bar has added the 1960s Americana into Seaham’s waterfront through the leather booths and Jukebox. The limited-time flavors have far more Rizzo than Sandra Dee with past scoops such as Irn Bru and smoked bacon.

Nardini’s, Largs, Ayrshire

Since 1935 in the form of an art deco masterpiece, it has served 32 varieties of ice cream and panoramic panoramas across West Coast Scotland. It’s also a takeaway fish and chip restaurant. While no longer owned by the Nardini family, their highly kept ice cream recipe, which is made with fresh double cream, remains, as does the towering Knickerbocker’s glory.

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Parisella’s Cafeteria, Llandudno

The family-owned Parisella has been running for over seven decades, with restaurants scattered across north Wales. The Llandudno cafe is located in the ideal spot within the Happy Valley gardens, facing the Irish Sea and an ornate Victorian Pier. Pick from a variety of 24 flavors.

Morelli’s, Broadstairs, Kent

The first ice cream shop, which was first to be established by the vast Morelli family in 1907, is situated at Viking Bay in Broadstairs and is run by the identical Italian family. With outlets as far as Iraq as well as in the Philippines in the Philippines and Texas, it’s no wonder that the menu at this place is vast, including everything from soft-serve ice cream to classic gelatos, waffles, and cakes.

Unusual flavors of ice cream are becoming more widespread (Photo: We Are/Getty)

Joe’s, Mumbles, Swansea, South Wales

Joe’s was celebrating a century in business last year, established by Joe Cascarini in 1922. Numerous branches throughout Wales, including Mumbles (which opened at the end of 1984), are close to the coastline. The Ice cream is made fresh daily on the premises. Take their famous vanilla-flavored ice cream and sprinkle toppings like nuts, sauces, and sprinkles over it in an old-fashioned manner. joes-icecream/mumbles

Babu Gelato in Lyme Regis, West Dorset

The company’s founder Annie Hanbury set out to combine her love of making ice cream and the abundance of fresh fruits that awaited her doorstep; she opened Babu Gelato in 2015. For instance, The favorite strawberry gelato is made of fresh strawberries picked each summer. Lyme Regis kiosk serves ten flavors on the beach like Damson ripples in cups or cones.

Rossi’s, Southend-on-Sea

The Essex institution was first established as a restaurant in 1932 on Southend’s High Street. As demand grew for their traditional Italian Ice Cream made from the recipe, the family decided to open a second tearoom and parlor on the seashore at Westcliff-on Sea. The ice cream is prepared daily on the premises, with various flavors ranging from classic chocolate, bubblegum, and the award-winning lemon sorbet.

Ice cream is a crucial element of a seaside trip (Photo Tang Ming Tung/Getty)

Notarianni, Blackpool

Vanilla is the only flavor served in this place. Luigi Notarianni arrived from southern Italy carrying the family’s secret recipe for ice cream in 1928 and the idea “if it ain’t curdled, don’t fix it.” It is created every day using local dairy products. Select a cone made of nougat or chocolate wafer, or oyster shell. Then walk through the promenade towards Blackpool Tower.

Bliss, Isle of Wight

The loved Cowes Ice Cream Parlour serves locally-produced Minghella Ice cream and sorbets that come in more than 200 flavors and offers dogs ice cream. The original recipe was created by Edoardo Minghella and his wife Gloria in 1950. You can order milkshakes, sundaes, or ice cream-topped Belgian waffles for a meal or go to the marina.

Aunty Betty’s, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire

Nothing is more delicious than a candy shop and an ice cream shop. Over 20 ice cream flavors are available to top with sprinkles, sauces, and sweets. Take them to Stonehaven’s Pebble and sand beach across the main road.

On average, each of us in the UK consumes nine pounds of ice cream annually. (Photo Matthew Porteous/UNIC UK/Getty)

The Little Ice Cream Company, Felixstowe, Suffolk

Ice cream is typically an indulgence enjoyed during summer. The shop is open 364 days a year. They have over 100 different flavors that vary according to the seasons (and the moods of their customers). Ice creams are made in Felixstowe using herds’ milk three miles away, further down the road.

Follow The Swirl, Margate Old Town, Kent

The unabashedly fashionable, this newly opened establishment is to be noticed within Margate’s old town, with its Barbie pink shopfront and Tracey Emin as a patron. The difference is that each swirl is created to order made with seasonal fresh berries, making it a healthier and more natural, and delicious scoop. The ice cream is sourced from sustainable dairy farms, and plant-based ingredients are available.

Alandas, North Berwick, Scotland

Awarded with a prestigious award for homemade Italian Gelato made in small batches, fresh every day in a small micro-factory using milk from a local farm. Alandas is a family-owned business established in 1991 to offer the best Scottish Fish and Chips. The creamy Gelato was later added but is still a hit locally, with its fan base on social media.


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