The Coolest Coffee Shops in the U.S.

Nothing says good morning more than an excellent cup of coffee. Although some cafes serve you on every street corner, others are more aesthetically pleasing to be in than others, and remember; studies suggest that drinking coffee (and alcohol) can aid in living longer.

Ezra Baker, a certified Q Grader from the Coffee Quality Institute (basically a coffee expert), says he’s looking for a feeling of “genuineness” and an excellent design when selecting the right coffee shop.

“Coffee shops are a place where you can be alone and not feel weird,” said Baker, director of Stumptown Coffee Roasters in New York City’s Ace Hotel, adding that he is looking for “friendly, but not overly friendly baristas.”

From the original combination of tacos and coffee from Muchacho located in Atlanta from delicious flavors like peanut butter mousse or dark chocolate in Latte form in the Wormhole in Chicago. Situated in Chicago, Coffee outlets throughout the U.S. provide the highest quality and invite customers not just to have a cup of coffee and enjoy the enjoyment.

Baker is an expert coffee taster, and his opinions are founded on a lot of research. Below are his recommendations for the top coffee shops across the nation.

Black Fox Coffee Co – New York City, NY

Check out the Black Fox Coffee Co.’s All Day blend (with notes of honey toffee, red apple) and a sesame chai latté made from Oatly and Dona chai concentrate. It is available at this light Financial District coffee shop or one of its other places -such as West 33rd Street (at the Pendry Hotel), East 45th Street, and Wall Street (reopening soon). Start your day correctly with an iced Pain D’avignon almond croissant or a slice of Matcha (green tea) bundt cake.

Coffee Manufactory – Los Angeles, CA

Coffee Manufactory started in 2016 when it started roasting two different blends in partnership with Tartine Bakery. Still, it has since grown and opened stores in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seoul, South Korea. Try the African blend of coffee, made from 100 percent Ethiopia Buya Bora (with notes of tangerine, peach, and honey along with creme soda), and the dark roast, which is made using the beans of Colombia as well as Honduras (with flavors of red currants, hazelnut roasted as well as Medjool date) at its flagship roastery in LA.

Give Me Coffee – Ithaca, NY.

This coffee shop’s first location was in Ithaca, New York. They’ve since added four outlets in the area and are known to seek out “worn spaces that call for a little revitalization.” You can try one of the roasts with a single origin, such as Honduras Sagastume and Guatemala Guaya’b.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters – Portland, OR

Go into the Stumptown Coffee Roasters cafe, and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a pool of freshly roast beans (that’s how they smell). The first café in Portland at the end of 1999 has expanded into a mini-coffee empire; however, that doesn’t mean their well-balanced — almost creamy Hair Bender blend or bottled cold brew any less enjoyable.

Sey Coffee – Brooklyn, NY

Sit back and relax under the cascading foliage as you drink thoughtfully planned lattes in the East Williamsburg cafe. Sey Coffee takes its coffee seriously, so much so that they allow customers to “sniff, slurp and discuss” the coffee in the roastery every month.

The Wormhole Coffee – Chicago, IL

In the middle of Chicago’s hip Wicker Park area, The Wormhole Coffee serves all kinds of classic lattes, including a drink called the Koopa-Troopa which is a peanut butter mousse, and a dark chocolate latte that seems like heaven in one cup. With sauces and syrups created in-house or locally sourced, Chicagoans are getting their caffeine fix and more.

Madcap Coffee – Grand Rapids, MI

The Michigan-based coffee shop in Michigan is serious. They taste around 3000 coffees yearly to determine the most delicious coffees to offer their customers and have since 2008. This meticulous decision-making process will result in a delightful cup of coffee, sure to make the start of your day a breeze. Serve it with a feta, spinach croissant, or yogurt with pepitas and oats. Warm spices, almonds, as well as dried cherries.

Everyman Espresso – New York City, NY

With its casual coffee shop atmosphere, Everyman Espresso is like a place designed to be enjoyed by … and … all men (and women too!). Two locations are located in New York City — in the East Village, Manhattan, and Park Slope, Brooklyn -take a bite of a pastry or an espresso, relax by the window, and enjoy the city as it passes through.

Barista – Portland, OR

The cozy cafes in Barista are a perfect way to capture the warmness of Portland and are the ideal place to unwind with a hot steaming cup of single-origin coffee and a great book. Try the coffee by adding Oregon hazelnut syrup or with house vanilla for a more sweet taste.

G&B Coffee – Los Angeles, CA

It is situated in the historic Grand Central Market in downtown Los Angeles; G&B Coffee serves classics such as espresso and coffee that is filtered but lets their creative side showcase with choices such as Business and Pleasure — half double espresso and half macadamia almond cappuccino, with espresso sprinkled over it and topped with the addition of a cup of their sweet hoppy tea for a palate cleanser. You can pair it up with an English muffin and homemade jam or the overnight oats as a good breakfast pick-me-up.

Spiller Park Coffee – Atlanta, GA

With a dash of whimsy and nostalgia (like their sign, which, almost in irony, sighs about the days when coffee cost just $5), Spiller Park Coffee is the type of establishment you’ll want to spend your time in. You can try a Shake, Shake their take on an iced Latte, or an iced Coke-Cocktail made from coffee, Cola with coconut milk star anise, and Assam syrup. Combine it with green tomato shakshuka or cinnamon-sugar bread, and you won’t be able to leave.

Cherry Street Coffee House – Seattle, WA

Seattle is renowned for its rainy weather, and the Seattle-based miniature café chain is the ideal spot to relax in the afternoon when the weather isn’t cooperating. Sit down at a table and enjoy an icy chai latte (chai tea served with two shots of espresso) and a Milkyway (mocha that comes with caramel sauce). The menu includes breakfast options like Hello eggs, cheese, and egg with roasted garlic butter and her band, a dazzling selection of salads and sandwiches.


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