The best sakes to buy in 2023

The restaurant Joji in Manhattan The head sommelier at Joji in Manhattan, Junxi Chen, has given the sake menu a vinous twist, and he prefers sakes with strong geographic or varietal flavor and serve the sakes with wine glass. A favorite is Kamoshibito Kuheiji 2022 Eau du Desir ($42). “This brewery has been around since the mid-1600s, but Kuheiji Kuno’s sakes are new-wave,” Chen says. Chen. “Having produced wines in Burgundy and running a negociant in Morey-Saint-Denis, He has the mindset of a Vigneron.

He is among the few brewers that are trying to discover terroir in sake. It’s floral, fueled by jasmine and stone fruits, and is a refreshing, fresh end.” At famous Michelin-starred Kaneyoshi located in Los Angeles, sake comes with glamour – a very popular new addition includes Ohmine 2 Grain ($135), a modernist sake that is owned by Pharrell Williams as well as Nigo Nigo, Kenzo’s artistic director. Kenzo. The restaurant serves Ohmine 2 Grain ($135, at Kaneyoshi in Los Angeles (c) Sushi Keneyoshi The FT Weekend Festival is back on the 2nd of September, in Kenwood House Gardens, London.

Make sure you book your tickets in advance to enjoy the day’s discussions, debates, and questions… as well as the opportunity to taste rum and wine featuring Alice Lascelles. Make your reservation for the event now at The master of sushi, Endo Kazutoshi a keen attention to the sake selection at his omakase with a capacity of 10 people Endo on the Rotunda in London. One of only a handful who have an allocation of Hakkaisan’s Junmai Diginjo Kouwa Gura (PS146), which is made of rice that has been polished to the highest quality. Mimurosugi ($54) is the refreshingly tangy Junmai daiginjo which he was introduced to by two guests, as well as Hayaseura Daiginjo (HK$690 – about PS68) is a dry-style sake described as “incredible with eel”, are his top choices. “Many of the cups and vessels we have are my own designs,” the chef says.

“We allow the guest to choose the one that feels right.” The vessels are a major feature at Sushi Kanesaka Shinji Kanesaka’s ultra luxurious Omakase in the 45 Park Lane hotel. At the time of the arrival of guests, they are invited to select the first glass they drink from a box containing 20 edo-colored kiriko, which is cut-glass, or cups. Sparkling Dassai 45 Junmai Daiginjo unfiltered sake (PS24) is served as a champagne flute and an umami-like Noguchi Naohiko Limited Edition (PS519) in the shape of a trumpet-shaped tin; A pure sweet Yamahai Aiyama 2018 (PS75) is served in an adorable Kimura coupe to add deliciousness.

Hayaseura Daiginjo, 690 HK$ approximately PS68 Mimurosugi, $54, Noguchi Naohiko Limited Edition PS519 Juyondai Tatsuno Otoshigo, S$1,060, which is about PS620. Bowie Tsang, sake sommelier at Taku in Mayfair offers Juyondai Tatsuno Otoshigo (S$1,060 – approximately PS620) produced from Takagi Shuzo the producer who he describes as the “sake equivalent to Burgundy’s Domaine de the Romanee-Conti. They’ve got their own rice variety. The name refers to”the son in bastard form of the dragon. It’s fragrant, lavish and fruity, with a spicy end.” The shining jewel of the Tokyo’s Bulgari hotel is Sushi Hoseki 8-seat Omakase menu prepared by a Kenji Gyoten, a three-Michelin-starred chef. The sushi chef has an intense connection to the sakes of Aramasa one of the “cutting-edge” maker in the Akita prefecture that he had worked alongside “since my apprenticeship”. I’ll take what he’s had.

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